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Quantitative Scientific Solutions Joins DNA Storage Alliance

Northern Virginia-based company brings expertise to help advance the adoption of DNA storage.

Quantitative Scientific Solutions, LLC (QS-2), a provider of scientific and technical consulting and data analytics services, joined the DNA Storage Alliance to further the mission of creating and promoting a novel archival storage ecosystem based on DNA to meet the challenges posed by the growth of digital data.


QS-2’s experience and expertise in synthetic biology, computer science, and technology development will complement the Alliance and its members in advancing the use of DNA storage architectures to meet storage needs.

The global datasphere is growin and DNA storage offers a novel paradigm that provides solutions to some of the storage challenges. DNA is a stable medium that is easily copied, has low power requirements for storage, and has an information density approximately six orders of magnitude greater than current commercially-available solutions. DNA-based information storage has been vetted by evolution over millennia and is eternally relevant, potentially eliminating requirements to constantly migrate to new generations of storage media. These attributes have led to the estimation that 30% of digital businesses will mandate DNA storage trials by 2024.

Established in October 2020, the DNA Storage Alliance aims to drive awareness and adoption of DNA storage through use cases and the development of an industrial roadmap. As a member, QS-2 joins a diverse group such as Twist Bioscience Corporation, Illumina, Inc., Western Digital Corp. (WDC) and Microsoft Corp. that each contribute expertise on a unique aspect of synthetic biology and storage and support the organization’s mission by contributing to white papers, events, and technical discussions.

A confluence of computational, business, and regulatory trends are driving institutions to store ever increasing amounts of data for longer and longer time periods. It will be necessary to enable storage solutions which can scale cost effectively beyond today’s technologies to meet this demand,” said Dr. Thomas Armel, QS-2 founding partner and director of technology. “DNA storage is a compelling solution that addresses these challenges, and we look forward to working closely with other DNA Storage Alliance Members to achieve the long-term potential of this technology.

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