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Dave Raffo Senior Analyst, HCI and Container Storage, Evaluator Group

After 13 years at TechTarget and former brilliant journalist for Byte and Switch

Raffo Evaluator Group

Dave Raffo joins this month the Evaluator Group as senior analyst, HCI and container-native storage, Evaluator Group, being based in Alexandria, VA.


A New Jersey native, he came from TechTarget, SearchStorage, where he worked more than 13 years ending as executive news director.

We remember him mainly as news editor of Byte and Switch from 2003 to 2007, historically the better web site covering networked storage where he wrote analyst reports on emerging storage technologies.

In 2020, Raffo won an American Society of Business Professional Editors (ASBPE) national award for column writing.

This excellent journalist was also formerly Windows Magazine new products editor at CMP Media, and began his career as sports writer at United Press International in New York from 1999 to 2003.

The founder and editor of StorageNewsletter.com also decades ago began his career as a journalist in sport, covering basket-ball for French daily sport paper L’Equipe, before also writing news on storage. Sport is one of the best school for journalism.

Raffo earned in 1979 a Bachelor Of Arts in Communications, Journalism, at William Paterson University.

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