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Infortrend EonStor CS Scale-Out NAS for Office IT Shared Storage Environment

Supports SMB and NFS file sharing, so Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix clients can get access to all data.

Infortrend Technology, Inc. has developed EonStor CS scale-out NAS as an IT office shared storage that provides an availability design for unstructured data allowing its access and management.

Infortrend Office Shared Storage

The amount of generated data is growing, and 80-90% of it comprises unstructured data, such as emails, presentations, webpages, audio, and video files. The importance of unstructured data for enterprise success is difficult to overestimate, as it brings valuable insights and unleashes the whole new business perspectives. As data grows fast, it is very soon that enterprises face the need of adding new nodes, and this is when corporate data management becomes more complicated. Scattered data silos are created in different nodes, and this problem makes data not easily searchable and, as a result, forgotten.

Infortrend Self Encryptiong Cs3000

EonStor CS overcomes such data silos by providing a set of scale-out NAS features suitable for growing enterprise office shared storage environments. It supports SMB and NFS file sharing, so Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix clients can get access to all data. To protect data from unauthorized usage, it offers user access management features, including AD and LDAP authentication. Initial deployment can start with one CS storage. Further, more nodes can be added to linearly increase the system performance and capacity. All the CS systems constitute a cluster under a single namespace so that all the data can be visible and accessible for users.

Infortrend Performance Cs3000

EonStor CS scale-out NAS offers easy management and high scalability for ever-growing datasets, which are stored under a single namespace, helping to avoid data silos. CS is a great solution for big and growing enterprises which have more than one NAS and want to fully utilize the potential of their unstructured data for business development,” said Frank Lee, senior director, product planning.

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