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Techspert Services Partnering With Datto

Being IT support, MSP, with HQs in Jacksonville, FL

Techspert Services, LLC is a partner of Datto Unified Continuity and Datto Holding Corp. is a provider of managed services providers – delivered IT solutions.


Businesses need constant connectivity to function properly. Any network downtime can be catastrophic to the business’s reputation and a financial hurdle as well. The recent partnership will enable Techspert Services to provide their clients with enterprise technology available at a fraction of the cost. This is a win for SMBs. Highly secure cloud backup, easy access to restore lost files, or even entire business infrastructure in minutes, are just a few of the perks. Better services, better reliability, better pricing.

Techspert Services is an all-inclusive IT support, MSP. HQs are located in Jacksonville, FL but are also currently serving the areas of Orlando and Tampa, FL. Established in 2012, its services have been known for their reliability, customer service, and communication with its clients.

IT services are needed for every business, big or small. IT support isn’t just fixing computers or glitches in your laptops. Techspert Services offers a well thought out IT strategy for each client’s specific scenario that can help improve and maintain efficiency within the current budgets technology infrastructure. With their knowledge and proactive intuitive nature, The firm offers new way of IT management.

As a provider of IT solutions delivered by MSPs, Datto believes there is no limit to what SMBs can achieve with the right technology. It offers BC and DR, networking, business management, and file backup and sync solutions, and has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners that provide Datto solutions to half a million businesses across more than 130 countries. Since its founding in 2007, Datto has earned hundreds of awards for its growth, product excellence, technical support, and for fostering an outstanding workplace. With global HQs in Norwalk, CT, Datto has international offices in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia, China, and Singapore.