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Emoji happyPhison: Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Results

Record annual revenue of NT$48.497 billion, up 9% Y/Y

(in NT$billion) 12/2020 FY2020
Revenue 4.175 48.497
Y/Y growth 2% 9%

Phison Electronics Corp. announced the operating results for December 2020, with consolidated revenue of NT$4.175billion, an increase of 2% Y/Y.

The total revenue of the whole year to December reached NT$48.497 billion, with an annual growth rate of nearly 9%, a record high.

Compared with the same period last year:

  • total shipments of SATA and PCIe SSD controller in November grew by nearly 26%;
  • total shipments of eMMC module products also benefited from the continuous recovery of the embedded application market, where the Y/Y growth is over 66%; in addition, for the total annual growth rate of total shipments accumulated throughout the year (January to December), the total shipments of SSD and eMMC memory modules grew by nearly 25%, setting a new historical high for the same period;
  • total shipments of PCIe SSD controller grew by nearly 82%, a record high over the same period in history; total shipments of industrial controller grew by nearly 11%, another record high for the same period in history;
  • total shipments of memory bits (total bits) grew by nearly 12%, which also sets a new historical high over the same period.

November 2020 Business Highlights
Phison Fiscal

K.S. Pua, CEO and chairman, said: “2020 was a difficult year for the NAND flash storage industry. It has not only experienced the impact of the epidemic, but also has  fundamentally changed the lifestyle of all human beings. I was never used to communicating with customers through video conferences every day, but now I have gradually become accustomed to and even find video conferences more convenient. Such changes have also driven the demand for various derivative applications of WFH (Work From Home), including cloud services, game industry, remote teaching, and NB computer industry. These applications all require NAND storage products, which drives Phison’s overall revenue to a new high in 2020.”

He went on to emphasize that, looking forward to 2021, through the PCIe Gen4 SSD controller PS5016-E16 to the PCIe Gen4 SSD controller that reaches read and write speed of 7,000MB/s ( PS5018-E18 controller),

Phison’s quick facts
. Over 20 years experiences in NAND controller IC design and module integration.
. Over 2,300 employees globally, and more than 75% are engineers
. Over 1,900 memory-related patent globally.
. 3 major focuses: enterprise, embedded, and consumer market.
. 600 million average annual controller shipment.
. $1.45 billion sales revenue in 2019 (no debt).
. Confident that its business model can produce consistently strong cash flows and profits over the long-term amidst NAND memory market cycles.
. Maintain long-term partnerships with global NAND flash supply sources and with downstream module customers.


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