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Arm Assigned Patent

Storage for multiple data types

Arm Limited, Cambridge, Great Britain, has been assigned a patent (10,866,904) developed by Ramrakhyani, Prakash S., Austin, TX, Sandberg, Andreas Lars, Cambridge, Great Britain, Nikoleris, Nikos, London, Great Britain, and Diestelhorst, Stephan, Cambridge, Great Britain, for a data storage for multiple data types.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: There is provided an apparatus that includes an input address port to receive an input address from processor circuitry. Address storage stores a translation between the input address and an output address in an output address space. An output address port outputs the output address. An input data port receives data. Data storage stores the data. An output data port outputs the data stored in the data storage and control circuitry causes the data storage to store the translation between the input address and the output address. The control circuitry issues a signal to cause a page walk to occur in response to the input address being absent from the address storage and the data storage.

The patent application was filed on October 24, 2018 (16/169,219).