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Vinpower Digital: Pioneer BDR-212V 16x Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer For Duplication Systems

Improved drive's ability to virtually eliminate concentric irregular burn marks on recording layer across all DVD-5 media, regardless of media quality

Vinpower Digital announced the release of the BDR-212V 16x internal BD/DVD/CD half-height optical disc drive (ODD), in collaboration with Pioneer Corporation.

Vinpower Pioneer Bdr 212v Face Hd

As a provider in the duplication market, the company continues to see demand for single layer 4.7GB DVD-R and DVD+R (DVD-5) recordable media. However, most of the standard DVD writer drives on the market are not suitable for large scale constant DVD5 recording, as is needed in the duplication market. To overcome this lack of capabilities with DVD-5 media, the firm joined forces with Pioneer to create the BDR-212V drive. It is a Blu-ray/DVD/CD writer drive in which the DVD±R writing functionality has been enhanced by decreasing the visibility of uneven symmetrical burn-in marks on the disc’s recording side (often referred to as Donut Rings), specifically for the popular single layer DVD-5 media, especially fine tuning the burning strategy for the OptoDisc Ltd.‘s line of DVD, including 16x DVD-R, 16x DVD+R, 8x DVD-R, and 8x DVD+R.

Pioneer recognizes the value of the duplication market and the importance of providing strong and stable DVD±R recording. We are proud to offer the Pioneer drive for the global duplication market,” stated representative of Pioneer.

Many of today’s DVD recorder drives do not provide the necessary writing quality when it comes to burning recordable DVD’s,” explains Calvin Chang, CEO, Vinpower Digital. “Even though it’s a Blu-ray drive, the exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V drive, developed in cooperation between Vinpower and Pioneer, improves the DVD burning capabilities beyond those of competing DVD drives, yet remains competitively priced.

Pioneer Front V1 1000px

The Pioneer BDR-212V drive offers many advantages to other standard half-height burner drives, as it is built using Japanese designs for a strong and reliable drive. With the company‘s support, Pioneer improved the drive’s ability to virtually eliminate the concentric irregular burn marks on the recording layer across all DVD-5 media, regardless of the media quality. These visible ‘Donut Rings’ often cause many duplication facilities to declare the media as defective. In removing this impediment, DVD duplication production will have a success rate. Through these modifications, the BDR-212V drive ensures an even and uniform burning appearance across the full circumference of the disc, whether burning just one disc or during high volume duplication production.

Vinpower Digital Pioneer Drive Scheme

The focus of most standard CD/DVD ODD manufacturers is to cost down, which directly affects the drive’s performance and functionality,” explains Ryan Swerdloff, VP, Vinpower Digital. “The Pioneer drives are a throwback to a time when ODD drives were robust and better suited to the rigors of the demanding duplication market, which is why we worked with Pioneer to develop the BDR-212V model.

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