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Milestone: Now 150 Companies in AFA From 12 Countries

69% in USA

Since the first inception of AFAs, we filled a list of all companies involved in this business. We have just reached a milestone: 150, with 69% of them located in USA among 12 countries listed. They were 100 in 2017 with 72% in USA.

This list is regularly updated and accessible for free on all the pages of StrorageNewsletter.com.

Below are all known companies offering storage subsystems with SSDs or devices with flash chips only.

We don’t include firms manufacturing hybrid units with SSDs and/or HDDs, only purposed-built flash arrays.

The first one historically was probably SeaChange International for a media server in 2008, including a RAID of 24 flash memory drives of 32GB or 64GB.

All big storage names are there to answer to the speed needed by critical applications (data base, HPC, big data analysis, etc.)

All Companies in All-Flash Subsystems

Per country:
USA: 105
Taiwan: 12
China: 10
Germany: 7
Japan: 4
UK: 4
France: 3
Korea: 2
Canada: 1
Israel: 1
Italy: 1
The Netherlands: 1
Total: 150

Complete list:
2CRSI (France and USA)
AccelStor (Taiwan)
Agilestorage (USA)
Amazon (E8 Storage) (USA)
American Megatrends (USA)
Apeiron Data Systems (USA)
Archion Technologies  (USA)
Ardis Technologies (The Netherlands)
Arkologic (USA)
Astute Networks (USA)
Atlantis Computing (USA)
Aupera Technologies (Canada)
Avalanche Technology (USA)
Avere Systems (USA)
Beijing Memblaze Technology (China)
Bigtera (part of Silicon Motion Technology) (China)
BiTMICRO Networks (USA)
Boston Limited (UK)
BRESSNER Technology (Germany)
Buffalo Technology (Japan)
CacheIO (USA)
CAEN Engineering (UK)
Cepoint Networks (USA)
CloudByte (USA)
Coho Data (USA)
Cray (USA)
Crystal Group (USA)
CTERA Networks (USA)
Curtiss-Wright (USA)
DataDirect Networks -Tintri (USA)
DataON / Area Data Systems (USA)
Datrium (USA)
Dell EMC (USA)
Digiliant (USA)
DigitalGlue (USA)
EasyCo/WildFire Storage (USA)
EchoStream Innovative Solutions (USA)
Editshare (USA)
Elements (Syslink GmbH) (Germany)
Enmotus (USA)
eRacks Open Source Systems (USA)
EUROstor (Germany)
Exablox (USA)
Fujitsu (Japan)
GB Labs (UK)
General Micro Systems (USA)
GreenBytes (USA)
Hewlett-Packard / Nimble Storage (USA)
HighPoint Technologies (USA)
Hitachi Vantara (USA)
HoneycombData (USA)
Huawei Tehnologies (China)
HyperSphere Technologies (USA)
IBM/Texas Memory Systems (USA)
Infortrend Technology (Taiwan)
Innodisk (Taiwan)
Inspur (USA)
Intellique (France)
iXsystems (USA)
JBOD Storage Solutions (USA)
JDV Solutions (USA)
Kaminario (USA)
Kazan Networks (USA)
Lenovo (China)
Lucid Technology (USA)
Mangstor (USA)
Micron Technology (USA)
MicroSAN (China)
Mobiveil (USA)
MPSTOR (Ireland)
NEC (Japan)
NetApp / SolidFire (USA)
Nexsan (USA)
Nfina Technologies (USA)
Nimbus Data Systems (USA)
Nutanix (USA)
OakGate Technology (USA)
One Stop Systems (USA)
OpenDrives (USA)
Oracle (USA)
Other World Computing (USA)
Paladian Data (USA)
Pavilion Data (USA)
Phoenix International Systems (USA)
Pivot3 / NexGen (USA)
PNY (France)
Pogo Linux (USA)
Premio (USA)
ProMAX Systems (USA)
Promise Technology (Taiwan)
ProphetStor (USA)
Pure Storage (USA)
Quantum (USA)
Qnap Systems (Taiwan)
Qsan Technology (Taiwan)
Qumulo (USA)
RAID, Inc. (USA)
RAIDON Technology (Taiwan)
Rausch Netzwerktechnik (Germany)
Reduxio Systems (Israel)
Rohde & Schwarz (Germany)
Samsung Electronics (Korea)
Scalable Informatics (USA)
Scale Computing (USA)
ScaleFlux (China)
SeaChange International (USA)
Seagate (USA)
Shannon Systems  (acquired by Silicon Motion Technology) (China)
Sihua Technologies (USA, China)
Silicon Graphics International/Starboard Storage Systems (USA)
SkyScale (One Stop Systems) (USA)
Smart IOPS (USA)
Solid Access (USA)
Sphere 3D – HVE ConneXions (USA)
STARDOM (RAIDON Technology) (Taiwan)
Starline (Germany)
StorageQuest (USA)
Storbyte (USA)
StorONE  (USA)
Studio Network Solutions (USA)
Supermicro (USA)
Syneto (Italy)
Synology (Taiwan)
Taejin Infotech (Korea)
Tegile Systems (USA)
Teradata (USA)
TerraMaster (China)
Thecus Technology (Taiwan)
Toshiba (Japan)
Trenton Systems (USA)
Tyan/Mitac (China)
UTran Technology (Taiwan)
Vexata (USA)
Viking Enterprise Solutions (formerly Newisys) (USA)
Violin Systems (USA)
Western Digital / Skyera (USA)
Winchester Systems (USA)
Wiwynn (Taiwan)
X-IO Technologies (USA)
Zadara (USA)
Zstor (Germany)

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