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McAfee Assigned Patent

Device-driven auto-recovery using multiple recovery sources

McAfee, LLC, Santa Clara, CA, has been assigned a patent (10,810,001) developed by Smith, Ned M., Beaverton, OR, Zhang, Zheng, and Macieira, Thiago J., Portland, OR, for “device-driven auto-recovery using multiple recovery sources.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: Examples for device-driven auto-recovery using multiple recovery sources are disclosed herein. At least one storage device or storage disk includes instructions that, when executed, cause at least one processor to at least detect a flaw in a first configuration of a program to be installed on a programmable device, the first configuration recorded on a first chain of a distributed ledger of a blockchain, correct the flaw in the first configuration to generate a corrected configuration, commit the corrected configuration to the distributed ledger, the corrected configuration to create a second chain of the distributed ledger, detect an update of the first configuration to a first updated configuration and an update to the corrected configuration to an updated corrected configuration, and prevent the first updated configuration from being installed on the programmable device by replacing the first updated configuration with the updated corrected configuration on the second chain.

The patent application was filed on December 18, 2018 (16/224,013).