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IBM Cloud Object Storage Gen2

Offers additional disk enclosure SAS.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Gen2 offers additional disk enclosure SAS cables

IBM Cloud Object Storage is a SDS platform used by clients who store many of the world’s largest object storage systems.

Ibm Cloud Object Storage

Clients can start with only a few terabytes of storage and grow online to exabyte scalability with investment protection. With optimized access from any location, geodispersed efficiency, and concurrent and secure cloud native accessibility, data remains available with massive scale that is easy to manage and cost-effective to use.

With over 800 technology patents driving innovation, Cloud Object Storage architecture is designed for multiple, concurrent demanding workloads with high throughput. Users can quickly and easily search and analyze millions or billions of objects with the automated integration of Spectrum Discover. Cloud Object Storage is turning storage challenges into business solutions.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Gen2 offers optional 2- and 4-meter SAS cables for disk enclosures.

Key requirements

  • Cloud Object Storage System hardware servers must be loaded with the appropriate Cloud Object Storage System software that is designed for that server type.
  • These certified hardware servers can be deployed in a single site or across multiple, geographically dispersed locations, connected by public or private networks.

Planned availability date: November 20, 2020