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Scalyr Hindsight Service Lets Customers Retain Log and Event Data in S3 and Query

Pay-per-terabyte-scanned model and S3 storage offers users value and performance, delivers all features, query performance, and advanced analytics.

Scalyr, Inc. announced Hindsight, a service that lets customers retain log and event data in S3 and query it using a pay-per-terabyte-scanned pricing model.

Scalyr Architecture 1 V4
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Scalyr Architecture 1 V4

Hindsight delivers all the features, query performance, and advanced analytics that the company offers globally today, coupled with a pricing model that enables companies to retain data at S3 costs with zero extra fees until they need to query that data.

Log and event data provide the most accurate view of service health and performance and access to this data is critical to optimize digital businesses. Event data can be joined with and enrich business data, used for compliance and security use cases, inform capacity planning and forecasting, deliver insights on user behavior, and feed ML algorithms.

Scalyr Hindsight

Hindsight complements the company’s log analytics SaaS offering. Data can be retained in the firm’s Event Data Cloud for instant access, or in a company’s own S3 bucket with the same performance data access and analytics. (See the Architecture paper for more information about how this is accomplished.)

“For too long, working with significant spans of event data has been rendered impractical by fragile and expansive indexes, infrastructure and management complexity, and search performance limitations,” said Christine Heckart, CEO “These barriers are now eliminated with Scalyr Hindsight, opening use cases beyond observability for Scalyr’s Event Data Cloud, and allowing companies to binge on event data.

About Scalyr
It provides an event data cloud for log management and observability as well as robust APIs to power embedded analytics services. Its architecture separates compute and storage, is optimized for event data, and is built to handle the scale and complexity of modern cloud architectures. It delivers 96% of searches in less than one second so engineers and SREs can work at the speed of thought and transform logs into a business advantage.

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January 18, 2019 | Press Release