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Alluxio V2.4.0 With Java 11 Support and Integration With Kubernetes, Azure Data Lake Storage and Apache Ozone

Focuses on features critical to large scale, production deployments in cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Alluxio, Inc. announced the Alluxio V2.4.0.

Alluxio 2.4 Scheme1

it focuses on features critical to large scale, production deployments in cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Features such as scalable metadata journaling, aggregate cluster metrics monitoring, and automated detection of JVM pauses further improve the company’s suitability for demanding workloads. Devops tools are also key for triaging issues when they occur. In V2.4, the firm further improves the cluster wide log collection framework. Finally, It is continually expanding its integrations with frameworks and storage systems. V2.4 introduces and improves integrations with Kubernetes, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Apache Ozone. The V 2.4 is also the first Alluxio release that has support for Java 11.

In office hour, the company will go over:

  • Expanded metadata service

  • Cloud native deployment

  • Support for Java 11

Video: With speaker Calvin Jia, top contributor, Alluxio project. He has been involved as a core maintainer and release manager since the early days when the project was known as Tachyon. He has a B.S. from University of California, Berkeley, CA.

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