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Digistor and CRU Data Security Group Merging

Both companies deliver data security solution.

It’s an important step for Digistor and CRU Data Security Group, LLC or CDSG (home of CRU removables, ioSafe disaster-proof storage, and WiebeTech digital forensics).

Digistor Cru Iosafe Wiebetech

The 2 companies are merging to create a new data transport, security and storage firm with expanded product offerings, new capabilities, and the capacity to better serve all of our partners and customers.
Both companies share a mission to deliver data security solutions and have proven their success in doing so for decades – CDSG with its CRU removable drive components and Digistor with its industrial, encrypted SSDs, as well as VaultDisk removables. The market continues to evolve: demand has never been higher for data security, and together, the 2 companies create a force multiplier for physical data security innovation.
By joining forces, they will expand their product lineup for desktops, laptops and workstations, and optimize several existing and upcoming CDSG products with Digistor SSDs.

They will also grow sales, manufacturing, R&D and distribution capabilities as well, enabling to better support customers and partners.