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Kalray K200 Coolidge Based Storage Adapter Certified for NVMe/TCP Protocol

Certification by NVM Express organization through University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory

Kalray Corp. announced that its K200 Coolidge based storage adapter solution has been certified for NVMe-oF with TCP (NVMe/TCP) protocol by the NVM Express organization through the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent testing provider of standard conformance solutions and multi-vendor interoperability.

Kalray Smart Storage Adapter Iol Certification

Data centers are undergoing a revolution with rapidly evolving network architectures and technologies. This is mainly due to the explosion of usages, the surge of data to be processed and the resulting exponential growth of the number of machines to be managed to support this growth.

Until now, storage has been one major bottleneck of this expansion. The introduction of flash memory-based SDD with fast communication protocols such as NVMe/TCP, offers solutions to the industry to massively scale up and increase performance of existing data centers. Smart storage adapters and associated storage appliances (including Ethernet storage expansion servers called JBOF) are at the heart of this revolution.

Dennis Hahn, senior analyst, cloud and data center, OMDIA, stated in his report, Data Center Storage Equipment Market Tracker (subcription required): “NVMe-oF JBOF is just starting to experience an uptake in on-premises enterprise DC segments for its ultra-high performance and is ramping aggressively for use by hyper converged infrastructure and in data intensive applications“.

Eric Baissus, president and CEO, Kalray, declared: “Certification is a major step in our journey to mass production. Kalray is on schedule with its strategic roadmap and actively preparing the commercial deployment of a new type of hyper-fst storage solution. Together with our partners and customers, we are actively working to integrate and qualify our technology and products“.

Based on its 3rd gen MPPA (Massively Parallel Processor Array) processor, the company’s storage smart adapter solution, targets the new gens of fast storage solutions. Whereas competitive solutions are limited in term of performance, for example when demanding algorithms such as data protection and footprint reduction are running, Coolidge processors have the capability to run such protocols without degradation of the server bandwidth, in real time. The company’s programmable smart storage adapter delivers performance while ensuring offloading of demanding data services. This Coolidge-based solution also offers new horizons in term of storage performance, targeting the market of data intensive application such as AI, data analytics or IoT.

The firm’s solution offers both high computing power capable of processing considerable data volumes while minimizing energy consumption; as well as on-the-fly heterogenous processing capabilities. The K200 storage adapter is a standard PCIe card supporting both NVMe/TCP and NVMe/RoCE, with associated software suite, configurable for composability needs, based on its MPPA processor implementing interfaces including PCIe Gen4 x16 and 2x100GbE. As an example, coupled with the latest PCIe Gen4 AMD processor MPPA can be used as an accelerator delivering a full duplex bandwidth of up to 200Gb/s. In addition, K200 delivers up to 4 million IO/s .

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