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NetApp Brings Simplicity and Flexibility of Cloud to Data Center With Updated Software Data Services

Including enhanced ONTAP software, Keystone Flex Subscription service and SolidFire enterprise SDS solution

NetApp, Inc. announced enhancements to cloud-connected ONTAP data management software.

Solidfire Enterprise SDS solution appliances

Netapp Solidfire Enterprise Sds Solution Appliances

The company also announced a more flexible Keystone Flex Subscription service and a SolidFire Enterprise SDS solution. With these updates, the company helps organizations unlock the best of cloud. They can now optimize performance and security, reduce costs, extend data management from on premises to any cloud, and consume hybrid cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.

Digital transformation has accelerated to the point where projects that used to take years to accomplish now need to be completed in months or even weeks,” said César Cernuda, president. “With its rich data-centric software innovation, NetApp is uniquely positioned to help organizations quickly adapt and sustainably transform in today’s hybrid cloud world. Now, we make it easier for them to develop applications in the cloud, move applications to the cloud, or create cloudlike experiences on premises.”

Features and capabilities that NetApp introduced include:

  • Enhanced ONTAP software capabilities that offer greater consolidation, deeper cloud integration, and continuous data availability for improved simplicity, efficiency, and protection of business-critical enterprise applications.

  • Updates to Keystone Flex Subscription, providing a fast, flexible path to a cloud-enabled data center with pay-as-you-grow subscriptions for a cloud-like experience on premises. It also offers public cloud integration available through the company’s partner ecosystem.

  • The SolidFire Enterprise SDS solution, providing a simple and automated foundation for private cloud with the firm’s Element software as standalone SDS that can be deployed on any hardware.

Solidfire Enterprise SDS solution appliances

Netapp Solidfire Enterprise Sds Solution Appliance Scheme

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Netapp Solidfire Enterprise Sds Solution Appliances Spectabl

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