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62% Y/Y Revenue Growth for Scality in 1H20

And strengthens partnerships with Veeam 10 qualification and expansion with HPE.

Scality SA announced record earnings with 62% Y/Y growth in revenue for 1H20.

Its blue-chip customer base now includes 6 of the top banks and 7 of the top telecom operators in the world.

To continue growth into 2H20, it is ramping up partnerships with Veeam Software, Inc., in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP to support the largest storage deployments globally. 
Scality’s 62% revenue growth in 1H20 demonstrates the transformation customers are making to deploy object storage as their modern data management solution,” said Jérôme Lecat, CEO. “To provide customers with the most advanced offerings we continue to strengthen our strategic partnerships. Our new Veeam Ready qualification means we’ve now checked the box on enterprise-grade ransomware protection. And our HPE partnership continues to expand with the GreenLake as-a-service model really taking off.”  
Veeam Ready Object with Immutability 
Backup data has become a prime target of ransomware malware, so resilient backup storage is imperative. Scality RING8https://www.scality.com/products/ring/ now offers enhanced ransomware protection with support for S3 Object Lock API, which was designed to render data immutable by preventing it from being deleted or overwritten for a period of time (or indefinitely). Qualified as Veeam Ready Object with Immutability, RING8 provides for air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immune to ransomware, thereby offering a swift recovery path in case of an attack.  

Scality Veeam
This qualification with Veeam Backup & Replication v10 means more protection for joint customers across all mission-critical industries, including fintech, healthcare, and key government agencies. Both firms joint customers include Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Opus Interactive, and Skillsoft.  
Scality’s reach with some of the largest companies around the globe made this qualification a great investment for our team,” said David Harvey, VP alliances, Veeam. “We’re excited to share the news that one of the leading scale-out object storage providers in the world is now Veeam Ready Object with Immutability.” 
RING Sales Grew through HPE by 93% in 1H20 
As the only object storage solution in the HPE portfolio, RING on HPE Apollo 4000 Systems provides customers the simplicity and agility of cloud with the cost benefits of density-optimised platforms designed for storage-centric workloads.  
Customers continue to struggle with the growth of unstructured data. To help manage this growth more organisations are turning to HPE and Scality,” said Chris Powers, VP and GM for big data and collaborative platform development, HPE.  “IT leaders can take advantage of a massively scalable, multi-cloud solution that extracts immediate value from the data they manage and accelerates data centre modernisation. Our joint customers rest easy with this secure, economic, durable and highly-available object storage solution.” 
RING on HPE Apollo 4000 Systems has been tested under real-world file and object workloads and demonstrates linear scaling, with multi-gigabit per second read-and-write throughput.  
This partnership focus has led to the following big wins in 1H20: 
• Sales through HPE grew 93% Y/Y for 1H20 
• RING8 is now the leading HPE GreenLake-ready object and file storage offering 
• Organisations in several industry verticals include service providers, telecommunications, and public sectors are benefiting from the HPE GreenLake for Scality as-a-service model.  
• One of the world’s top banks chose the Scality HPE solution to power a multi-petabyte Splunk data analytics environment 
Growth in 1H20 
• 62% Y/Y revenue growth and 82% growth in billings
• Blue-chip customers grew to 6 of the world’s top banks, 7 of the top telecom operators, and over 40 healthcare providers across the globe 
• Multi petabyte deployments in cloud, finance, and government sectors 
Leading object storage market share in Japan with 35% in revenue in 2019

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