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LucidLink Collaborates With Adobe

Enabling video editors access to media assets in cloud with Premiere Pro

LucidLink Corp. announced its collaboration with Adobe and its software Adobe Premiere Pro.

Its Filespaces is a cloud-native file service that allows Adobe Premiere Pro users to edit projects directly from the cloud for post-production workloads in cinema, documentary, and corporate videos, LucidLink can provide teams with on-demand access to media assets in the cloud that is accessed like a local drive.


Filespaces was designed for direct data access over distance, turning the cloud into an extension of the local computer’s HDD. Using LucidLink, there is no longer a need to continually sync or download files, struggle with VPN connections, use third-party file transfer services, or physically ship drives. Video editors can work with Premiere Pro on their local machines, and collaborate on projects stored in cloud storage with multiple video editors, simultaneously, across different geographic locations.

With so many creative teams working remotely, the ability to edit Premiere Pro projects directly from the cloud has become even more important,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations, Adobe Video. “We don’t want location to hold back creativity. Now Premiere users can collaborate no matter where they are.

While working from home, post-production houses and video editors are looking for new technologies and cloud options to enable remote teams better access to media files. With LucidLink, media professionals can get assets from one central location, in the cloud. Often, during the post-production workflow, video files are not in the correct format for the next phase. Hours are spent searching for and copying media files to and from HDDs, relinking media from different storage locations, and cataloging media files. Each requirement in the process of capturing, editing, and distributing video is often incompatible with or disconnected from the other and may not be possible with existing workflows.

Filespaces provides a centralized repository with unlimited access to media assets from any point in existing workflows.

Using LucidLink Filespaces users can:

  • Gain secure access to media assets from anywhere
  • Rapidly ingest high-res footage
  • Enhance remote collaboration on post-production projects
  • Enable video and audio editing directly from the cloud
  • Provide remote access to large VFX shot sequences

Working remotely with distributed teams is the new normal. Remote work becomes more challenging as the size of data assets increase; efficiently collaborating is even more difficult,” said Peter Thompson, co-founder, and CEO. “Our customers report they can implement workflows previously considered impossible. We are providing the missing link in cloud workflows with ‘streaming files.’

LucidLink offers individual, team, and enterprise pricing, making cloud storage and remote collaboration available at affordable prices.