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History (1992): Megamedia Largest Taiwanese Manufacturer of Floppy Diskettes

Produces for 3M, IBM, JVC, Memorex, Nashua, and Sony.

Megamedia is probably the largest Taiwanese manufacturer of floppy diskettes with a 1991 production of 144 million 5.25-inch floppy disks and 35 million 3.5-inch ones, which would represent 3 to 7% of worldwide production.

To expand the output of 3.5-inch models, the company has raised its capital investment to $16.5 million.

Established in 1984, Megamedia Corp. produces for such companies as 3M, IBM, JVC, Memorex, Nashua, and Sony.

The firm plans to develop magnetic coating technology and to produce a 150MB data cartridge.

It also produces 8-inch floppies and video tapes. It has a 74,074 square-meter factory in Penang (Malaysia), another one in Taiwan for 5.25-inch FDs, and also a third one in Taiwan for 3.5-inch diskettes.

The magnetic media and hub rings are imported from Japan and USA, liners and anti-static envelops from USA.

Total sales were $55 million last year and are forecasted to reach $62.7 million in 1992.

This article is an abstract of news published on the former paper version of Computer Data Storage Newsletter on issue ≠57, published on October 1992.