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Team Group EX Series 2.5-Inch Up to 1TB SATA SSD and C201 Impression Up to 128GB USB 3.2 Gen1 USB Key

With SLC caching technology, wear-Leveling technology and ECC function for EX Series SSD

TeamGroup, Inc. announces the EX Series 2.5″ SSD with R/W speed and the C201 Impression USB flash drive.

Team C9jb Ayw

Both products have an out-of-the-box design, and feature a variety of colorful elements to overturn people’s stereotypical impression of the design of storage products on the market. In addition, performance also makes them a choice.

Team Group Ex2 Ssd Speed

EX Series 2.5″ SSD is a must-have upgrade for top of the line PCs. The powerful sequential transfer speed of reading up to 550MB/s and writing to 520MB/s, even small and fragmented files can be operated with high efficiency. It also features the SLC caching technology to avoid degradation of transfer performance effectively. Besides, the Wear-Leveling technology and ECC function ensure the reliability of the EX Series, making it aane upgrade for the performance of PC.

Team Group Ssd Ex2 2.5 Spectabl

C201 Impression USB flash drive

Team Group C201 Impression Usb Flash Drive

 With USB 3.2 Gen1 interface, the C201 Impression USB flash drive is designed with soft and tranquil Morandi colors to overturn USB key’s traditional color design. There are ‘Grayish Green’, ‘Misty Blue’ and ‘Smokey Pink’, 3 colors available to present different levels of visual effects. In addition, the ergonomic design for the thumb curve, makes it both aesthetically pleasing and practical, creating a trendy and luxurious style with deeper meaning and setting off a retro wave in the storage industry.

Team Group Ufd C201 Usb3.2 Spectabl

Team Group C201 Ex2 Ssd Prices Tabl

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