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Solid State Storage Technology Assigned Patent

SSD using state prediction method

Solid State Storage Technology Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan, has been assigned a patent (10,720,222) developed by Zeng, Shih-Jia, Fu, Jen-Chien, Lu, Tsu-Han, and Yen, Hsiao-Chang, Taipei, Taiwan, for a “solid state storage device using state prediction method.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: A solid state storage device includes a non-volatile memory and a control circuit. The non-volatile memory includes a specified region. The control circuit is connected with the non-volatile memory, and includes a function storage circuit. A state prediction function for a first failure mode and a state prediction function for a second failure mode are stored in the function storage circuit. If the control circuit confirms that the specified region is changed from the first failure mode to the second failure mode, the control circuit predicts the specified region according to current state parameters of the specified region and the state prediction function for the second failure mode.

The patent application was filed on October 11, 2018 (16/157,177).