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Pliops Storage Processor to Boost Flash Performance by 10X, Price/Performance by 90%

Hardware accelerator completes performance testing with multiple tier-1 cloud, server and software leaders.

Pliops announced that its patent-pending Storage Processor has been tested and evaluated by more than 10 tier-1 cloud and enterprise companies – and proven to boost performance by over 10x, reduce five 9s latency by up to 1,000x, and increase flash price/performance by more than 90%.

These results were indicated for nearly any workload using flash. The company is ramping up for broader engagements, with availability of its Storage Processor expected later this year.

Reaching an inflection point
The company solves the scalability challenges raised by the cloud data explosion, the increasing data requirements of AI and ML applications, the recent shift of work, education and entertainment online – and the end of Moore’s Law. All of these factors are colliding together at a time when the world is entering a cycle of economic challenges, necessitating that these additional demands being placed on infrastructures be handled as cost efficiently as possible.

As the success of GPUs and AI processors has shown, there is a pressing need for specialized solutions that accelerate the pace of workflows,” noted Steve Fingerhut, president and chief business officer. “Because data growth is absolutely booming at a time when storage , data processing is slowing, now is the time to take this approach and apply it to mainstream workloads like unstructured and structured databases, analytics and virtually any application that uses flash storage.

Idea whose time has come
A simple-to-deploy PCIe card that delivers more than 10x performance benefits for databases, server and storage infrastructures, the Storage processor represents a new spectrum of dedicated processors.

Fingerhut added: “The days of increasing infrastructure spending to keep up with growth are over. Technology from Pliops delivers breakthrough levels of storage efficiency – and the biggest names in the industry have taken notice.

Data center architects are working hard to keep up with the data explosion data, which is only accelerating with the new work-from-anywhere phenomenon,” said Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO, Percona LLC. “Enterprises are accelerating the adoption of open-source software to address these challenges and are constantly looking for industry-standard innovations to achieve more efficient scaling. We benchmarked the Pliops Storage Processor’s ability to scale databases, using Percona Monitoring and Management to show graphically how the platform behaved. Our results show that the PlIO/s Storage Processor can reduce customer costs by delivering substantial increases in performance and space efficiency.

Unlocking the full value of flash storage
By improving workload performance and optimizing SSD usage, the Storage Processor reduces storage and processor costs, enables system consolidation, makes much lower cost QLC SSDs viable for mainstream workloads, and is universally applicable with zero application changes. Applications accelerated by Pliops include MySQL, MariaDB, mongoDB, Redis, Oracle, Apache Spark, and Cassandra. The company achieves this through an innovative architecture that overcomes the major inefficiencies of software-only storage engines via a dedicated hardware product.

The way we are addressing storage and database-specific processing challenges is in the same vein of other workload-specific processors, like GPUs and TPUs,” explained Fingerhut. “The Pliops approach accelerates compute-intensive functions and eliminates bottlenecks – solving the dilemma of choosing cost at the expense of performance – and vice versa. We’re thrilled that our Storage Processor has now been thoroughly evaluated by more than 10 industry heavyweights with impressive results.

The company’s Storage Processors are sampling to select customers, with mass production on track to later this year.

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