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History (1992): Dave Mitchell From Seagate to Conner

As president and COO

MitchellDavid T. Mitchell, 50, is the new president and COO of Conner Peripherals (San Jose, CA), the position he had when he left Seagate one year ago.



He succeeds William J. Almon, 59, named vice chairman, joining William Schroeder, 47, now another vice chairman, both focussing on new business opportunities.

David Ludvigson, 42, former EVP of Mips Computer Systems, is appointed SVP WW sales and marketing, taking some of the responsibilities of Schroeder.

Almon, Ludvigson, Mitchell and Schroeder all report to Finis Conner, chairman and CEO.

Mitchell was among the co-founders of Seagate Technology in 1979 with Al Shugart and Finis Conner. He quits Seagate with a contract to not enter into compete for one year. He was under discussion for a position at Aura Associates, but the deal did not issue because he wanted his share of assets to be higher then the actual executives of Aura.

Mitchell, ex-marine, known as a tough-minded executive, “reportedly kept a hand grenade in his office at Seagate with a plaque attached that read: ‘God, I love war,” according to the Wall Street Journal (September 30, 1992).

This article is an abstract of news published on the former paper version of Computer Data Storage Newsletter on issue ≠58, published on November 1992.