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Quantum Multi-Factor Authentication to Make Tape Libraries More Secure

Ransomware protection packs start at $10,000, combines with Active Vault software, WORM capabilities, and AES-256 bit encryption to create secure offline vault.

Quantum Corp. announced the addition of multi-factor authentication software to the company’s Scalar i3 and i6 tape libraries to secure critical off-line data vs. ransomware attacks.

Quantum Scalar I3 I6 Tape Librairies

This feature raises the level of security for data stored on tape, making unauthorized access extremely difficult.

Tape is inherently secure, with its air-gapped nature, AES-256 bit encryption, and WORM capabilities. Our customers increasingly use tape as an ultra-secure data vault, either for a permanent archive copy of data, or as an offline copy to protect vs. ransomware and malware,” said Bruno Hald, VP and GM, secondary storage. “Adding multi-factor authentication is one more way we are increasing the security of tape, in this case using this common but proven method to provide even more security when it comes to accessing critical data.

Quantum Ransomware Protection Packs

Building on Active Vault feature
The introduction of multi-factor authentication builds upon the value of Active Vault, a feature available only in Scalar tape libraries. Active Vault further improves tape’s inherently secure offline nature by creating a totally ‘air-gapped’ vault within the library. Administrators can set a policy to move tapes from the backup application-connected partition to an Active Vault partition, a logical area within the library that has no application connectivity or host-connected devices. Adding the Multi-Factor Authentication layer of security makes Scalar tape libraries a secure hands-free option to store data in an offline on-premise vault.

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Quantum Ransomware Solution Tabl2

Ransomware protection packs Start at $9,999
Packaging these technologies together into an easy to purchase, easy to deploy solution, the company’s Ransomware Protection packs provide all of these capabilities in small, medium, and large configurations.

These Ransomware Protection Packs start at $9,999 and make it for any organization to deploy a secure immutable data vault for their most critical digital assets. Each pre-defined protection pack includes all the security features necessary to provide peace of mind vs. ransomware threats. Leveraging the firm’s Active Vault feature, combined with military grade encryption and WORM technology, and now multi-factor authentication, Ransomware Protection packs create a secure offline backup copy of data. Specific terms and conditions vary by country.

Since January, we’ve seen great reception of our Ransomware Protection Packs both with customers and with our channel partners,” said James Mundle, global channel chief. “This new, more aggressive pricing and packaging will allow our partners to enable organizations of any size to protect their data in a secure offline tape vault.

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Quantum Ransomware Solution Tabl1

Quantum Ransomware Protection Packs
Scalar Tape Libraries
All About Ransomware

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