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MinIO Partners With Veeam 

Earning ready qualification for both object and object with immutability

MinIO, Inc., in object storage, has achieved Veeam Ready qualification for object and object with immutability, providing enterprises with an end-to-end, software-defined, solution for deploying MinIO as a backup, archive, and DR storage target for Veeam.

Veeam Minio

Veeam Software, Inc. delivers cloud data management supports the Veeam Ready Program to provide a solution qualification process to ensure its Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners meet Veeam functional and performance standards. By attaining Ready status, customers are assured that storage solutions are compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication features.

MinIO’s object storage suite brings value to the Veeam Ready portfolio:

  • Like Veeam, MinIO is software-defined and hardware agnostic. This approach delivers savings and flexibility to Veeam customers and channel partners as they design systems to accommodate a range of different backup use cases from VMs to Veeam Backup for Office 365 (VBO). 
  • With the ability to R/W at speeds in excess of 160GB/s in a small 32 node cluster, MinIO for Veeam Backup & Replication can operate at primary storage speeds – performance scales linearly to 100s of Petabytes – shrinking RPOs and RTOs metrics.
  • Because MinIO excels at handling small objects, it is able to achieve high de-dupe rates. This is a function of the fact that MinIO has eliminated the metadata database from the architecture. Even the small objects are erasure-coded for durability and space reduction.
  • Through inline erasure-code, bit rot protection, encryption and object immutability MinIO delivers high assurances that backups are protected vs. data loss and data breach. In particular, object immutability provides exceptional protection from ransomware attacks.
  • MinIO’s continuous active-active multi-site replication protects Veeam’s customers – even in the case of total data center failure.

MinIO and Veeam are natural partners due to their software-defined architecture. The Object and Object Immutability Ready qualifications ensure our customers can confidently deploy a range of out-of-the-box backup solutions,” noted MinIO co-founder and COO, Garima Kapoor. “With the additional qualification for Immutability, customers can now deploy the combined solution in defense of ransomware – as hackers cannot encrypt or delete objects – providing a clean data copy for recovery.

We are pleased to add MinIO to our select roster of Veeam Ready technology partners,” said Andreas Neufert, VP of product management, alliances, Veeam. “By qualification of their object storage for Veeam Ready Object Immutability, MinIO is now in a selected group of S3 backup targets that can provide robust ransomware protection for our joint customer. We look forward to continued collaboration with MinIO to empower our joint customers to extract the most value from their private cloud investments.

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