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FileShadow for Slack Enables Smarter Workflow Between Platforms

Integration where users of both platforms can collect, preserve, curate and publish content, so teams can collaborate

FileShadow, Inc. announces FileShadow for Slack, an integration where users of both platforms can collect, preserve, curate and publish their content, so teams can collaborate.

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All files posted on Slack – whether or not they are visible or archived in your Slack channels – are viewable, protected and searchable in FileShadow.

FileShadow for Slack allows users to:

  • Automatically catalog and aggregate Slack files to FileShadow Vault.

  • Start a Slack conversation within FileShadow over shared content, making it simple to discuss changes and updates to files.

  • Share FileShadow files to multiple Slack workspaces, channels and team members directly from within FileShadow.

  • Lessen the need to move between platforms by sharing FileShadow files in Slack or directly from within FileShadow.

  • Collect, preserve, curate, publish and search for Slack files right from FileShadow.

With FileShadow for Slack, you can work transparently between Slack and FileShadow,” said Tyrone Pike, president and CEO, FileShadow. “Any Slack user, for example those in engineering, legal, accounting and other industries, who have workflows and document-intensive back and forth with customers, colleagues and clients, will find value in archiving and protecting their Slack files in the FileShadow Vault.

The company provides a single, secure vault from which to search and access files from Slack or any other source. The service aggregates cloud storage accounts such as iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business; local storage (macOS, Windows desktops, Windows Virtual Desktops); and NAS/DAS devices.

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The firm’s solution delivers access to files. They are automatically categorized through a ML process that analyzes the content of any file-OCR of PDF documents or image analysis of photos-and creates tags relating to the content therein. With that process, you can find better what you need through simple searches. FileShadow also includes a version history of each file to maintain records of past changes.

The company provides peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting internal company files derived from Slack. The firm provides ’11 nines’ of durability for optimal file protection from Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

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March 6, 2020 | Press Release