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ViON Has Selected Scality RING8

To power hybrid-cloud services in tier-1 government agencies

Scality SA and ViON Corporation announced RING8 as a core technology powering 2 of ViON’s predefined cloud service offerings: Object Storage-as-a-Service (OSaaS) and the long-term Archive-as-a-Service (AaaS).

Vion Scality

These new cloud services are central components of the ViON Enterprise Cloud (VEC) Infrastructure Services. The cloud service provider brings over 18 years of experience deploying hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures in the federal marketplace and currently holds one of the largest contracts ever awarded for storage.

Together with ViON’s US federal market experience and Scality’s unstructured data technology, the joint solution will address storage challenges for some of the largest federal agencies.

RING8 is the perfect fit to extend our as-a-Service solutions into object storage,” said Tom Frana, chairman and CEO, ViON. “As our first pre-defined private cloud offering, Scality’s core technology for object storage is best-in-class.

The extended VEC portfolio delivers private cloud solutions with better pricing and a wider feature set compared to similar public cloud offerings. Each of ViON’s new VEC Cloud Infrastructure Services are designed to scale non-disruptively as customers’ needs change. Scality’s software-only, vendor-agnostic approach means ViON can also customize on-prem hardware to the exact spec and budget of each customer. This supports the government’s agile IT modernization requirements.

Scality’s platform empowers ViON to provide a secure, scalable service with market leading SLA’s at cloud scale cost,” said David Kushner, VP sales, ViON. “This offering provides a unique service, which helps customers store, manage, and protect unstructured data at any scale with confidence.

Scality Platform Provides Native File and Object (AWS S3 and Azure Blob)
VEC’s OSaaS comes in 3 classes of service to meet the typical workload demands of customer environments: a single-site storage bucket, a single-site storage bucket with data replication for DR, and a multi-site storage bucket with data replicated between the two active sites.

To support ViON and customer requirements, RING provides native AWS S3 API compatibility to ensure all cloud applications that run on AWS can also run on RING as well as AWS IAM compatible multi-tenancy on top of its core capability of limitless scalability. It also supports object storage with a native Azure Blob API to expand application compatibility.

Archival Service Fueled with RING8
ViON also selected RING8 to power long-term data archiving. AaaS gives organizations the ability to retain backed-up data on premises to meet long-term retention needs with either an enterprise-grade, modular tape library or a single-site object storage offering. 

We are honored that ViON selected Scality as the technology backbone of their Object Storage-as-a-Service and disk based Archive-as-a-Service private cloud offerings,” said Jérôme Lecat, CEO, Scality. “Together, our partnership extends the reach to some of the most mission-critical data sets in the world.

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June 25, 2020 | Press Release