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Veeam and Kasten Partnering

To deliver Kubernetes-native backup

Veeam And Kasten PartnerCo-authored by Gaurav Rishi, head of product, Kasten



At Veeam Software, Inc., we’ve been laser-focused on making backup and data management simple, flexible, and reliable across cloud, virtual, and physical workloads.

We’ve been seeing our customer’s interest increase in Kubernetes as a critical piece of their cloud infrastructure, creating a new area around container-native data protection that they need help in addressing. To that end, we are partnering with Kasten, Inc., in backup solutions for containerized workloads. Kasten’s K10 data management platform for Kubernetes provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for Kubernetes backup and application mobility with operational simplicity.

With this partnership spanning sales, marketing and technology, enterprises can continue to depend on us in ensuring BC and freedom of choice across their workloads with the most innovative solutions that retain the ease-of-use and reliability that customers expect from Veeam. You can read more about this in this joint white paper.

Kubernetes on the rise
As container adoption and usage continues to explode, Kubernetes-native backup is one of the most critical challenges faced by Kubernetes operators. Kubernetes, the fast growing infrastructure platform, is becoming the foundation for all applications, no matter where they might be deployed.

Its ubiquitous nature has it on track to be the next enterprise platform of choice, joining the ranks of Linux and vSphere. Further evidence of this market shift is the recent announcement from VMware with vSphere 7.0 that includes Kubernetes as a first-class citizen. Given the increased agility, portability, and reliability seen by development teams using Kubernetes, there has been a sudden influx of applications onto the platform including stateful applications such as databases and NoSQL systems.

Due to this rapid application growth and increased production deployments at scale, enterprises are now focused on Day 2 production challenges such as data management, security, and observability.

While Kubernetes takes away a lot of the pain of ensuring HA and scalability of your application services, these benefits do not extend to your data, making data management of Kubernetes applications a critical priority.

Kubernetes-native backup needed
Kubernetes-based environments are different from those based on earlier technologies and accordingly, require a different approach to backup, one that we describe as a Kubernetes-native backup. The table below highlights some of the key reasons why a Kubernetes-native backup solution is critical. These reflect significant technical shifts and also a move to a DevOps philosophy of operations.

Key Reasons Why A Kubernetes Native Backup Solution Is Critical

Nearly a decade ago, Veeam offered simple, reliable data protection for VMs environments when virtualization was emerging. Similarly, Kasten aims to address the protection and management requirements for containerized application resiliency. By partnering together, Veeam and Kasten seek to offer customers a simple, complete solution for protecting and managing data across cloud, physical, virtual and now Kubernetes-based workloads, addressing a growing need for enterprises,” said Phil Goodwin, research director, International Data Corporation.

Kubernetes-native backup principles
Based on our joint customer experience and in light of the key considerations that warrant particular attention, we list the five best practices for Kubernetes backups.

Kubernetes Native Backup Principles

The Veeam-Kasten partnership
The two companies recognize the criticality of data protection and have rich experience in innovating and bringing the most simple, flexible, and reliable solutions to our customers. Additionally, they share a common philosophy and approach to addressing these concerns built with the customer’s freedom of choice at the heart of the solution. The foundational tenets of this approach are highlighted below. 

The Veeam Kasten Partnership

If you are looking to introduce or expand data protection to Kubernetes applications, Kasten K10 provides a compelling software Kubernetes-Native backup solution that builds on the principles we highlighted above.
We are excited to see Veeam and Kasten partnering today to deliver the leading Kubernetes-native backup solution. Given our use of Veeam to protect our critical business data and infrastructure and the increasing footprint of Kubernetes in our environment, this partnership will provide us with the flexibility to protect our applications and data, no matter what environment they are deployed in, and the ease-of-use to help scale our teams. Knowing that we have the right backup and DR infrastructure in place for both virtualized and cloud-native environments will allow our teams to move faster and with confidence”, said Markus Kretzer, head of IT, Buhl Data Service GmbH.