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MinIO for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition Available on VMware Cloud Marketplace

Provides customers with highly available, performance object storage for Kubernetes workloads.

MinIO, Inc. announced MinIO for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition is available on VMware Cloud Marketplace.

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Minio Object Storage Overview Main

VMware Cloud Marketplace enables customers to discover and deploy validated, third-party solutions for VMware-based platforms – across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Once validated, partners can easily publish their solutions for VMware customers across platforms. Customers will be able to access these third-party partner solutions directly from their cloud environments, while also being able to experience the convenience of features such as notifications, reporting, and analytics.

MinIO for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI) provides a Helm Chart to deploy and manage the MinIO Object Storage suite as a native Kubernetes Operator on TKGI. Designed expressly for the private cloud, MinIO scales seamlessly while offering best-in-class resiliency through its performance, object-level, erasure coding distribution.

Minio Multi Cloud Gateway

The solution offers full Amazon S3 API compatibility with Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Object Locking (WORM) and server-side encryption at the object-level. The company’s Lambda compute notification also enables Function as a Service (FaaS) on TKGI for cloud-native applications. In addition to Prometheus monitoring APIs, the company also has audit tracing and logging capabilities for monitoring. The whole solution is deployed as a Kubernetes StatefulSet on TKGI.

The company’s Kubernetes Operator allows IT to manage large scale data infrastructure through a web-based management console without requiring specialized DevOps skills. This includes expansion, live upgrades, remote site mirroring, encryption key management service, identity and access policy management.

We are delighted to make our high-performance object storage available on the VMware Cloud Marketplace,” noted Garima Kapoor, co-founder and COO, MinIO. “This step builds upon our prior work with Pivotal and positions us to expand our relationship with VMware in the coming quarters as they continue their investment in Kubernetes.

We are pleased to see MinIO for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition available on VMware Cloud Marketplace,” said Ramya Sarangarajan, director, cloud services group, VMware, Inc. Validated technologies, such as MinIO, enable our customers to build, run and manage their applications effectively and efficiently. We’re excited to work with partners such as MinIO to empower customers to derive the most value from their cloud investments.

In addition to MinIO for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition, the company also offers a native Blobstore tile for VMware Tanzu Application Services.

Note: VMware Enterprise PKS has been renamed VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition. VMware is in the process of reflecting this change across VMware Cloud Marketplace.

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