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13 Players to Join 35th IT Press Tour Organized as Virtual Edition in June

Bamboo Systems, Fujifilm, HYCU, Kaseya, Nasuni, Nebulon, OwnBackup, Pavilion, Qumulo, Robin.IO, SoftIron, StrongBox Data and Vast Data

The IT Press Tour (ITPT), a media event launched in June 2010, announced participating companies for the 35th edition organized online due to Covid-19 and scheduled from June 8 over three weeks.

Twelve companies will join this new edition dedicated to IT Infrastructure: Bamboo Systems, Fujifilm Recording Media, HYCU, Kaseya, Nasuni, Nebulon, OwnBackup, Pavilion Data Systems, Qumulo, Robin.IO, SoftIron, StrongBox Data and VAST Data.

“Covid-19 has changed so many things and its impact shows real damage on many businesses. Companies wish to stay visible and exit this exceptional period with a stronger image and even new business values,” said Philippe Nicolas, creator of the event. “Among the 13 companies, we’ll meet 8 new companies – Bamboo Systems, Fujifilm Recording Media, Nasuni, Nebulon, Pavilion Data Systems, Robin.IO, SoftIron and VAST Data – that join us for the first time and 5 – HYCU, Kaseya, OwnBackup, StrongBox Data and Qumulo – who already did the tour a few times. Several of them will introduce and launch new product with us and with this new edition, we’ll beat new record with 240 companies globally, 376 sessions and we should pass the 13,000 articles mark following this edition.”

Tony Craythorne, CEO, Bamboo Systems, said: “The power it takes to run the average data center of today is a pressing enterprise consideration. At this time, the costs are ever-increasing and the environmental implications for our planet continue to be of great concern. At Bamboo Systems, we have developed a solution to this quandary in our revolutionary ARM server architecture. It offers a massive reduction in power consumption, using one quarter of the power of a comparable system while providing ten times the density, at one third the cost to run. We look forward to the opportunity of engaging with the experts at the IT Press Tour to provide the details about our architecture.”

Peter Faulhaber, president and CEO, Fujifilm Recording Media USA, said: “With the lowest TCO per terabyte, air gap security, highest reliability and low energy consumption, today’s modern tape is the perfect data protection solution for hyperscale data centers and other data intensive enterprises. As a first-time participant, FUJIFILM Recording Media, USA. is excited to meet with the journalists and analysts participating in the 35th ITPT to introduce our new Fujifilm Object Archive software, and to take a deep dive into the future of tape in the zettabyte age.”

Simon Taylor, CEO, HYCU, said: “ITPT is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. It allows HYCU to engage with leading journalists in a way that is both engaging and meaningful. Philippe and team continue to raise the bar on how to reach a significant number of industry watchers in a focused way. We have participated in a number of ITPT events and had the opportunity to share more on what makes HYCU unique in the market. When companies need a way to significantly simplify and save money on their data protection, migration and disaster recovery for multi-cloud infrastructures, be it on-premises or in the public cloud, HYCU is there. We’re really looking forward to June for the next ITPT.”

Taunia Kipp, EVP corporate communications, Kaseya, said: “Kaseya is looking forward to participating again in this year’s IT Press Tour with top tech journalists from across Europe, and sharing our major product releases and providing insight into our exciting roadmap for 2020. We’ll also provide a firsthand look at new integrations across our comprehensive IT Complete platform with features for Kaseya, IT Glue, RapidFire Tools, Spanning Cloud Apps, Unitrends and ID Agent.”

Paul Flanagan, CEO, Nasuni, said: “Physical infrastructure has become a liability. The speed, scale and economics of the cloud have been accelerated. Traditional file storage is one of the last boat anchors in the data center. Nasuni is disrupting the traditional file storage market with a cloud-native approach that delivers infinite scale, redundancy and global file sharing, all at half the cost of traditional NAS. With discerning organizations innovating for new realities ahead, now is the perfect opportunity for us to engage with the experts that make up the ITPT.”

Craig Nunes, founder and COO, Nebulon, said: “The ITPT has become a fixture in Silicon Valley as the storage industry‘s best ‘mobile’ (now virtual) press conference. It is a must for any company with big news, and Nebulon has got big news. In our first ever media event, Nebulon is excited to reveal a sneak peek of our cloud-defined storage innovation to Philippe’s crew at the June event.”

Gurpreet Singh, CEO, Pavilion Data Systems, said: “Pavilion, the leader in the third wave of storage, is excited to share with the ITPT how we are putting real-time performance at scale within reach of all. We look forward to discussing how customers are deploying the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array, which serves as the industry’s most capable and highest performant solution, and how customers are shattering expectations for performance, density, scalability, and ultra-low latency, while doing so without the cost or complexity of traditional storage. That’s storage 3.0.

Molly Presley, global product marketing, Qumulo, said: “Qumulo is excited for the opportunity to engage with the thought leaders in the IT Press Tour on the day we announce our next round of innovations and future vision. The ITPT is the perfect venue to dive deeply into technology with live demonstrations and interactive conversation.”

Partha Seetala, founder and CTO, Robin.IO, said: “The rollout of 5G will be a fundamentally transformative event for wireless network operators in the U.S., Europe and beyond. The Robin Platform for 5G is designed to give operators the hyper-automation they’re going to need to manage order-of-magnitude increases in network connection requests and traffic while achieving dramatic increases in the efficiency of service chain rollout and RAN management. The technologies that built 4G won’t work for 5G, and that’s why we’ve built the first fully cloud native, containerized 5G orchestration and automation platform, which we’re presently deploying at scale with operators like Rakuten Mobile. We look forward to sharing the story behind our technology and products with journalists during the ITPT.

Andrew Moloney, VP strategy, SoftIron, said: “At SoftIron, we challenge the notion that “software defined” means that hardware doesn’t matter, and believe we have the unique opportunity now to redress inefficient legacy infrastructure that is no longer supporting your business. We’re doing our part to systematically dismantle the limitations of the legacy data center by eliminating vendor lock-in, siloed operations and complexity with task-specific appliances that leverage leading open-source software for scale-out data center solutions. We’re really pleased to be a part of the ITPT this year to tell our story, and applaud Philippe for forging ahead with a jam-packed virtual tour.

Jeff Denworth, VP products and co-founder, VAST Data, said: “VAST Data is defying convention in the all-flash storage landscape by focusing on cost efficiency over performance density. By radically redefining the economics of flash storage, organizations can now afford to store all of their data on VAST Data’s all-flash Universal Storage platform. This breakthrough file and object storage infrastructure concept has proven to simplify data centers while also enabling modern applications to gain fast access to all of their data. By breaking the performance and cost tradeoff that has plagued the data center for 30 years, VAST has established itself as the fastest selling company in storage history and – in Philippe’s words – become a storage Blitzscaler.”