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Western Digital Assigned Twenty-One Patents

Reducing vibration of storage device in storage, storage device emphasizing parity sector processing of un-converged codewords, storage system fabric with multichannel compute complex, error characterization for control of non-volatile memory, storage device with embedded software, storage device with debug namespace, adjusting read levels in storage device based on bias functions, queue depth management for host systems accessing PCIe device via PCIe switch, predicting addresses in non-volatile storage, hermetic sealed electrical connector with high-speed transmission for HDD, parameter tracking for non-volatile memory to avoid over-programming, non-volatile storage with adjustable select gates as function of temperature, hybrid data storage array, implementing logical to physical address mapping in SSD, data management in RAID environment, non-volatile storage with command replay, scheduling scheme(s) for multi-die storage device, efficient data management through compressed data interfaces, storage device reverse biasing head element to counter electro-migration, spin transfer torque device with template layer for heusler alloy magnetic layers, storage device detecting resistance delta of spin torque oscillator

Reducing vibration of data storage device in data storage
Western Digital Technologies, Inc., San Jose, CA, has been assigned a patent (10,593,370) developed by Xiong, Shaomin, Fremont, CA, Hirano, Toshiki, Yamamoto, Satoshi, San Jose, CA, Wilke, Je...

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