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Nexsan/StorCentric E-Series 32F 2U Rackmount Storage Platform With QLC or TLC SSDs

Up to 245TB of storage using QLC, 491TB with TLC

Nexsan, a StorCentric, Inc. company, announced the launch of the E-Series 32F storage platform, a compact QLC SSD solution offering 245TB of storage using QLC SSDs in 2U of rack space, and up to 491TB if configured with TLC SSDs.

E-Series 32F storage platform front

Nexsan E Series 32f FrontDesigned to deliver enhanced performance and economics for the most demanding enterprise platforms, the E32F delivers fast random read performance to analyze the high capacity, performance-sensitive workloads that fuel business. These include real-time analytics, ML, AI, big data, media content delivery, user authentication.

E-Series 32F storage platform rear

Nexsan E Series 32f RearConnectivity options (FC, iSCSI) deliver interoperability along with a qualified OS support matrix. The producr also supports the company’s E-Flex architecture, which allows users to select up to 2 of any of four expansion systems available and expand to over 2PB. This gives organizations the flexibility to size systems as required within their rack space requirements.

QLC NAND packs 33% more data into every memory cell compared to its TLC equivalent at a more reasonable price point. QLC storage delivers 7x the performance over 10,000rpm HDDs. This makes the E32F a replacement for HDDs in performance-sensitive workloads.

The Nexsan E-Series storage arrays give customers the capacity and performance needed for their data workloads, along with the ultra-reliability Nexsan is long known for,” commented Mihir Shah, CEO, StorCentric. “Hard working, ultra-reliable and offering market-leading performance, the E32F delivers storage without worries.

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Nexsan E Series 18f 32f Spectabl

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