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Portworx on GigaOm Radar Report for Storage for Kubernetes

Also announced availability of PX-Backup and launched Portworx Essentials to support growing Kubernetes deployment

Portworx, Inc. named the leader in the GigaOm Radar Report for storage for Kubernetes.

Portworx Gigaom Radar Infographic

The inaugural report offers a holistic view of the storage for Kubernetes market, including technical and commercial positioning of 13 vendors. The report ranks Portworx a ‘strong focus and perfect fit‘ on 9 out of 11 evaluation criteria and key capabilities, making Portworx Enterprise the highest evaluated solution in the report.

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Portworx Essentials

Additionally, the company announced 2 offerings aimed at simplifying Kubernetes storage and data management for global enterprises, no matter the scale of individual applications running on Kubernetes. The first offering is Portworx Essentials, a collection of Kubernetes storage capabilities needed for small-production applications.

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Portworx Essentials

While the company is geared toward production systems, not every production application needs to scale to hundreds or thousands of nodes – at least not yet. To support this, the firm launched a ‘free-forever’ version of the firm’s platform, so Global 2000 enterprises can run Kubernetes-based applications in production even when they are just starting out. Portworx Essentials supports up to 5 nodes and 5TB storage per cluster, and enterprises can upgrade to Portworx Enterprise when they expand and require advanced data protection, cloud migrations, security, and DR.

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Portworx Backup Productpage Controlplane

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Portworx Px Backup

Second, firm’s Kubernetes-specific data protection and backup solution, PX-Backup, is available, allowing organizations to securely manage all Kubernetes backups in a cloud-native way. Built for containerized applications, it protects applications – data, application configuration, and Kubernetes objects – with a single click at the Kubernetes Pod, Namespace, or Cluster level. Enabling application-aware backup and fast recovery for complex distributed applications, PX-Backup delivers multi-cloud availability. It delivers a point-and-click backup and recovery solution for stateless and stateful Kubernetes clusters, and provides native integrations with major cloud block storage systems such as Amazon EBS, Google Persistent Disk, Azure Managed Disks, as well as Portworx PX-Store. It also enables complete application and cluster migration between public clouds such as Amazon, Google Cloud and Azure, as well as between clouds and on-prem environments. Anyone can sign up for PX-Backup on the company website starting the week of April 27.

“Out of all the Kubernetes storage solutions we reviewed, we ranked Portworx highest on 11 evaluation criteria and key capabilities for businesses evaluating Kubernetes deployments in enterprise environments today,” said Enrico Signoretti, senior storage analyst, GigaOm. “The Portworx Storage Platform for Kubernetes has a feature set and characteristics that are perfectly tailored for large enterprises and service providers. It is a sophisticated solution that is aimed at supporting complex Kubernetes infrastructures, no matter if they are deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid fashion.

Portworx’s mission is to enable enterprises to run data services on Kubernetes with the same performance, security and data protection they are used to on their traditional infrastructure,” said Murli Thirumale, co-founder and CEO, Portworx. “Our leadership position in the GigaOm report for innovative new products validates Portworx’s strength of capabilities in delivering persistent storage, DR, backup, migrations and security for any Kubernetes application running on-premises, the cloud or hybrid environments.

2020 GIGAOM Radar Report (registration required)Radar Re

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