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Gladinet Added Cloud Backup to CentreStack Platform

Extension of CentreStack's secure file sharing platform, features like permission based backup, reduced restore times, and self-hosted backup options to enhance data privacy, sovereignty and control

Gladinet, Inc. announced CentreStack Cloud Backup (CCB).

Delivered as an extension of CentreStack‘s secure file sharing platform, this product empowers IT professionals and MSPs to protect file server and endpoint data by replicating it directly to the CentreStack Backup Cloud.

Self-hosted cloud backup

Gladinet Self Hosted Cloud Backup

It also provides the option to create a self-hosted backup cloud based on any supported storage service. This is a interesting feature for MSPs and infrastructure providers across the globe who may want to leverage local datacenters and storage.

The vast majority of critical business data still lives on private file servers and endpoint devices, despite the increasing popularity of cloud-hosted applications like Microsoft Office 365 and the G Suite by Google Cloud,” said Franklyn Peart, co-founder and CRO. “With CCB, we can eliminate the risk of losing that data while protecting it from viruses, hackers and ransomware. And we’re disrupting traditional pricing models by leveraging the CentreStack server as a free backup appliance and offering backup licenses at 15% of the already low per user costs of CentreStack licenses. This is a natural extension of our unique focus on the combined importance of file server and cloud based remote access solutions.

Besides the business model and self-hosted deployment options, CentreStack Cloud Backup also provides some features including the ability to backup and restore a file server’s NTFS folder permissions and the option to connect users directly to the CentreStack Backup Cloud if the primary cloud file server is down.

In regards to that last feature, Peart noted, “This reduces the burden to create complex, highly available CentreStack deployments. Instead, an IT professional or MSP can create the simplest CentreStack deployment and then leverage the CentreStack Backup Cloud for failover and BC.”

CentreStack backup appliance

Gladinet Casearch04

This product also simplifies folder and file-level recovery which can be initiated by browsing to the file or folder that needs to be restored. There’s no need to restore images or physical storage devices.

We’re excited about CCB because it exemplifies Gladinet’s commitment to positively disrupt traditional IT practices with simpler solutions that reduce costs while increasing value,” said Keith Schoolcraft, CEO, A Couple of Gurus, a Minnesota-based MSP. “For CCB, these values include reduced licensing and hardware costs, unique features like permission based backup, reduced restore times, and self-hosted backup options to enhance data privacy, sovereignty and control. These guys have done it again, providing one of the most flexible solutions for file and folder backup to the cloud.