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Videri Assigned Patent

Cloud-based storage of digital content

Videri Inc., New York, NY, has been assigned a patent (10,586,485) developed by Trachtenberg, Marc, New York, NY, and Gariepy, Francois, Westmount, CA, for “systems and methods for cloud-based storage of digital content.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: System and method for storing digital content for display on a display device, comprising at least one digital content item, configured to be displayed on the display device, and a service cloud comprising a secure storage system, configured to store digital content, a communication controller, configured to communicate with the display device, a provisioning engine, configured to control the provisioning of digital content on the display device, a service management system, configured to collect data reflecting operational status of the display device, a server, configured to interface with an application running on a computer with memory and processor for selection and control of digital content for display, an ingestion engine, configured to control importation of digital content, an external content gateway, configured to transfer digital content from outside the service cloud to the display device, and a live data feed gateway, configured to provide over-the-top content to the display devices.

The patent application was filed on March 21, 2017 (15/464,802).