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PoINT Storage Manager Software With Accessing Relocated and Archived Data Options

Expanding range of possible applications for HSM and archiving solution

PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has integrated ways of accessing relocated and archived data into its product Storage Manager.

Point Software Storage Manager Filearchiving

In doing so, it is expanding the range of possible applications for the HSM and archiving solution. Users have more options for implementing tiering and archiving concepts.

Businesses are being pushed to respond to the growing volume of unstructured data and the increasingly strict demands for long-term storage. They are required to move data from costly primary storage systems to more cost-effective secondary storage, while also meeting any and all relevant regulatory requirements. The Storage Manager offers a solution to this challenge by automatically transferring data within the storage hierarchy according to prespecified rules, ensuring that data is securely archived using WORM protection, versioning and retention management.

The decisive factor, however, is not how data is transferred or archived, but specifically how users then access this data once again. The company’s product already allows transparent links – so-called ‘stubbing’ – provided that the primary storage system supports it. Now, this version of the Storage Manager supports a method that works for almost all NAS systems: symbolic links. Together with web links (URL or HTML files) and browser-based access, administrators can use the method that suits their storage infrastructure best.

Point Software Storage Manager Scheme

Storage Manager offers file-based tiering and archiving with transparent access methods. Unlike the proprietary block-based tiering solutions offered by some storage system suppliers, the file-based approach is independent of individual storage systems and technologies, avoiding vendor lock-in. File tiering also preserves the integrity of files, since they are effectively handled as a single data unit together with their metadata. By using transparent file tiering like that offered by the Storage Manager, businesses can also run applications like backup programs and migrate data without having to first move relocated data back to primary storage. This is another decisive benefit of the file-based approach offered by the Storage Manager.

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