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Memblaze PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe Up to 7.68TB 2.5-Inch U.2 SSD and HHHL Add-In Card With 96-Layer 3D eTLC NAND

Up to 5.9GB/s read bandwidth and 970,000 read IO/s, with R/W latency at 90μs and 12μs

Beijing Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. announced the launch of PBlaze5 920 Series enterprise NVMe SSD.

PBlaze5 920 Series enterprise NVMe SSD

Memblaze Pblaze5 920 Ssd

PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe SSD adopts 96-layer 3D eTLC NAND with a capacity up to 7.68TB, and comes in form factors of 2.5-inch U.2 and HHHL add-in card. This series consists of 4 groups of SKU – PBlaze5 D920, PBlaze5 C920, PBlaze5 D926 and PBlaze5 C926.

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PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe SSD offers up to 5.9GB/s read bandwidth and 970,000 read IO/s, with read and write latency lowering to 90μs and12μs respectively. With performance, data protection, compatibility, and user experience, as well as enterprise features, this series enables customers to build high-speed, reliability, and flexible storage solutions for their mission-critical applications.

QoS and performance consistency, improving user experience
PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe SSD can realize smooth transition under various conditions such as 4K random write, from empty disk state to steady state, mutual conversion between sequential write and random write, which guarantees that the device has a stable performance and is free from strong jitters. At the same time, the GC read efficiency of these 920 Series NVMe SSD is also improved to a large extent, which improves the overall execution efficiency of GC.

QoS consistency of PBlaze5 920 Series helps customers avoid the risks of partially poor user experience and even business interruption caused by surging business access amount and individual overlong I/O processing time of SSD; meanwhile, good I/O QoS provides reliable guarantee to the overall QoS improvement of cloud computing and storage system.

Quota by namespace, ensuring business I/O access priority
Due to the increasing number of multi-application deployment scenarios on a single drive, PBlaze 920 series support the new feature of ‘Quota by Namespace’, making the product one of the few enterprise SSDs with such performance.

Quota by Namespace means to carry out quota operation to the namespaces of NVMe SSD, and select appropriate namespaces in accordance with the application priority, etc., to optimize and expand the application scenarios. By creating different namespaces on the PBlaze 920 series and placing quota limitation on the namespaces loaded with tasks of lower priority, it can be ensured that the namespaces with high-priority tasks have access to more I/O resources.

Firmware upgrade without reset
The upgrade of traditional firmware requires a cold restart of the server before the restart of each module of the business system, which is complicated and error-prone. PBlaze 920 Series NVMe SSD supports firmware upgrade without reset. Even if there are I/O operations in the business system, the firmware upgrade can still be completed without stopping businesses or shutting down systems, which guarantees continuous storage system services and simplifies the operation and maintenance process and reduces the IT system operation and maintenance difficulty and cost.

Variable sector size management
The Variable Sector Size (VSS) transfers user data with metadata. PBlaze5 920 Series supports 512, 520, 4,096, 4,104, and 4,160B Variable Sector Size, which means I/Os from service application carry 8B or 64B of metadata simultaneously. On the premise of ensuring consistent performance, VSS guarantees high data reliability requirements for storage systems and distributed file systems.

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Memblaze Pblaze5 920 Series Nvme Ssd Notes

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