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From Catalogic Software, KubeDR Open Source Kubernetes DR

Providing backup and DR for Kubernetes cluster configuration, certificates and metadata

Catalogic Software introduced its open source utility, KubeDR, built to provide backup and DR for Kubernetes cluster configuration, certificates and metadata.

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Catalogic Software Announces Kubedr

Kubernetes is a growing and popular platform for managing containerized workloads in hybrid cloud environments.

The company is also launching cLabs to support new products, open source initiatives and innovations, such as KubeDR.

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Kubernetes stores cluster data in etcd, an interface that collects configuration data for distributed systems. While there are solutions focused on protecting persistent volumes, the cluster configuration data is often forgotten in existing industry solutions. Theres is a market need to provide the specific requirements of backup and support for Kubernetes cluster data stored in etcd. The company’s KubeDR is a user-friendly, secure, scalable and an open source solution for backup and DR designed for Kubernetes applications.

Additional KubeDR features include:

  • Backup cluster data in etcd to any S3 compatible storage

  • Pause and resume backups

  • Clean up older snapshots (based on retention setting)

  • Restore etcd snapshot and certificates

Kubernetes has evolved into the de facto standard for deploying applications at scale, especially in the world of cloud and cluster computing. In response to market demand and to give back to the open source community, here at Catalogic, we are introducing KubeDR – a backup and DR solution specifically for etcd data in a Kubernetes cluster,” said Sathya Sankaran, COO, Catalogic. “We are debuting KubeDR together with Catalogic Labs, cLabs, created to support our ongoing open source initiatives and other backup/DR innovations. It’s an exciting time at Catalogic, with product growth and several enhancements on the horizon.

KubeDR, the initial entry in the company’s Labs, provides backup and DR for etcd and certificates enabling efficient cluster rebuilds, on-premises or in the cloud.