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AWS re:Invent: Meredith Customer of Nasuni

To help move traditional on-premises file infrastructure to AWS

Nasuni Corporation, a provider of cloud file services, announced that Meredith Corporation, a magazine operator in the US and owner of brands such as People, Better Homes & Gardens, InStyle, Real Simple and Parents, moved to Nasuni to deliver a global file system on AWS.

Meredith Selects Nasuni

AWS supports companies like Meredith with scale, multi-site file sharing and powerful cloud migration capabilities. With Nasuni, Meredith can enable fast, reliable collaboration between many office locations without heavy infrastructure at each site.

Meredith chose Nasuni to address its unstructured data challenges because of the service’s simplicity, cost savings and performance. Nasuni’s cloud file services leverage the strengths of both AWS and edge devices, helping Meredith to reduce its on-premises infrastructure by 80%, eliminate traditional backup, and let teams collaborate faster to accelerate design and editing cycles. Nasuni cloud file services is designed in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which helps cloud architects build secure, resilient, and efficient infrastructure solutions.

Dave Coffman, Meredith’s director of enterprise infrastructure, said: “We tried all different types of technology approaches, but we could never catch our white whale, a global file system. We used to robocopy from a file server in Iowa to New York, but that was slow and difficult. Now we robocopy to Nasuni and let the magic happen. It’s faster and much more reliable, so there’s a lot less stress before the deadline.

In addition, Nasuni launched its  Cloud Migrator for AWS, which lets customers prepare, plan, execute and operationalize unstructured data workloads for a successful cloud-first strategy. Data migration moves to Amazon S3 faster and with less effort. Other features on display include support for AWS Snowball, enabling petabyte-scale data transfers to AWS, as well as the Analytics Connector that provides the ability to harness unstructured data into company insights with AWS.

The firm showcased new solutions for AWS at AWS re:Invent 2019, including:

  • Cloud Migrator for AWS: Customers can migrate data from on-premises NAS to Amazon S3 faster and with less effort.
  • Analytics Connector: Harness unstructured data into company insights by translating file data format to object format to leverage AWS
  • AWS Snowball Support: Transfer petabyte-scale data to AWS.

Traditional NAS can’t deliver the scalability, easy collaboration and simplified management that media companies like Meredith require,” said Andres Rodriguez, founder and CTO, Nasuni. “Nasuni’s global file system, combined with the power of AWS, makes it easy to store, protect and provide access to files, no matter how large they may be.

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