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Indonesian Tire Manufacturer Multistrada Chooses Nakivo and Qnap

To protect virtual environment

Nakivo, Inc. announced that Pt Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk has selected its Backup & Replication to protect their virtual environment.

Multistrada Chooses Nakivo And Qnap

Multistrada is a tire manufacturer, established since 1988 in Indonesia, producing radial tire for two-wheeled vehicles – Corsa and four-wheeled vehicles – Achilles. Through these brands, it also has Paris Saint-Germain as its partner since 2016. The company manufactures tires for passenger’s cars, commercial cars, trucks, and buses, as well as performance and industrial tires which are used in the international market.

Multistrada’s IT infrastructure consists of 2 sites, 50 physical servers, and nearly 90 VMs. VMs store databases, web servers, web applications, and various other critical documents. Previously, Multistrada had to manually recreate their VMs, as the company did not have any VM backup solution in place. If a VM became corrupted, the recovery time was exasperatingly long and could take hours to complete.

Such lengthy VM recovery times was unacceptable for the company by any practical metrics. Eventually, Multistrada realized that their lack of a proper backup product, designed for virtualization, began affecting their user productivity in an acutely negative way, leading the company to decide to seek out a proper product. The criteria for selecting a backup product was: fast VM recovery, simple VM backup, and ease of use and management.

The customer tried out different VM backup solutions available on the market and in the end, selected Backup & Replication offering reliable VM backup, fast VM recovery, and simple installation and configuration.

The product can also be installed on a Qnap Systems, Inc.‘s NAS, thus allowing users to create a backup appliance in order to ensure reliable data protection for critical data and applications. Installation on NAS was also one of the reasons why Multistrada selected Nakivo, as this integration allows them to take advantage of already available hardware, use available storage on the box, and utilize software in an efficient way.

Backup & Replication’s integration with our Qnap NAS was a pleasant surprise for us, especially since other vendors that we evaluated did not offer such functionality at an affordable price for us,” says Kenedy Tjili, head of it and operations, Multistrada.

With Backup & Replication, Multistrada enjoys forever-incremental backup and network acceleration functionality. With network acceleration, VM backup speed is increased and network load is reduced at the same time. Moreover, backup jobs are completed at a faster rate since the amount of data that is transferred over the network is reduced. With forever-incremental backup, it can take advantage of VMware Change Tracking Technology that identifies changed data and only those changes are transferred to the backup repository. Thus, with this functionality, VM backup speed is also increased.

Previously, a VM backup of our entire infrastructure was impossible to perform on a daily basis. However, thanks to Nakivo Backup & Replication’s forever-incremental backup, we can backup all our VMs in just a few hours,” says Tjili.

Finally, Multistrada’s main issue with lengthy recovery times was eliminated with Nakivo’s instant VM recovery, as well as granular recovery. With instant VM recovery, it can recover entire VMs directly from compressed and de-duplicated backups. Backup & Replication also provides granular recovery, such instant file and object recovery.

Instant VM recovery is the best feature that helped us improve our recovery time. Previously, we had to recover our VM manually and that took hours to complete. Now, thanks to Backup & Replication, VM recovery has never been simpler. Hours have literally turned into minutes,” says Tjili.

Nakivo installed on a Qnap NAS provides Multistrada with increased VM backup speed due to forever-incremental backup and network acceleration. Moreover, Backup & Replication boosts VM recovery time for Multistrada, allowing the company to recover their VMs in minutes, rather than hours.

Due to the software’s integration with Qnap NAS, Multistrada also takes advantage of the available hardware, utilizing all available storage.

Backup & Replication provides us with simple, yet reliable VM backups and fast VM recovery, thus improving the productivity of our users and eliminating downtime. We no longer need to worry about VM crashes or corruptions, as with instant VM recovery, we can restore an entire VM in just a few clicks. We definitely have peace of mind with Backup & Replication,” says Tjili.

Nakivo Backup & Replication datasheet