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HPE Discover: Qumulo in Partnership With iTernity for Archiving Solution

Joint solution enables organization to meet data visibility, security, and compliance standards for archived data.

Qumulo, Inc. announced a partnership with iTernity GmbH to solve the challenges of modern data archiving.

Qumulo Active Archive Storage K Series

Qumulo K Series

With the combined solution of Qumulo’s Active Archive Storage and iTernity’s iCAS middleware, organizations are able to store their growing data volumes in a compliant, scalable and cost-efficient manner. The two companies will showcase their partnership and solutions at HPE Discover More, Munich, Germany, event in December 3-4, 2019.

Enternity iCAS layer architecture

Enternity Icas Layer Architecture

Massive file data growth, quickly evolving storage technologies, as well as strict regulatory requirements and privacy needs are the primary challenges businesses face when it comes to long-term storage. Organizations need to safeguard their data, whether it is customer or patient information, financial records, employee documents, or other critical business data. It is also necessary to preserve data integrity while ensuring quick access to data.

The partnership enables enterprises to eliminate data silos and vendor lock-in, ensuring flexible and independent data archiving. iTernity’s software-defined approach for data management and integrity protection of large unstructured data sets addresses regulatory compliance requirements according to GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and SEC 17a-4, enabling simplified, scalable and cost-efficient archiving. Active Archive Storage is among a performing nearline archive systems available. It offers the economics of archive storage with built-in R/W cache to deliver the performance needed for billions of files accessed by hundreds, or thousands of users.

As the relationship between Qumulo and iTernity has grown, our mutual customers have realized the massive benefit of our joint solution. Together our technologies break up archive silos, which were historically driven by very cost-intensive vendor lock-ins, to create a unified archive that accommodates files regardless of their quantity or size,” Thore Rabe, VP and GM, EMEA, Qumulo.

The partnership between Qumulo and iTernity responds to the growing demand for compliant archiving solutions that focus on flexibility and scalability. Our software solution iCAS is certified by KPMG for GDPR- and SEC 17a-4-Compliance. Additionally many large software vendors have certified iCAS for more than 120 business applications, opening up a huge variety of use cases for our joint customers. Together with Qumulo, we offer a cost-efficient archive storage solution for rapidly growing data volumes – whether they are stored on-premise or in the cloud,” adds Daniel Glasssales, director, iTernity.

Active Archive Storage is a nearline archive systems available. It offers the economics of archive storage with built-in intelligent R/W cache to deliver the performance needed for billions of files accessed by hundreds, or thousands, of users.

iCAS is a flexible and scalable archive solution for all types of business data. The middleware protects the integrity and availability of critical data and manages storage-level retention policies. The software-defined iCAS solution is purpose built for compliance, data integrity protection and maximum flexibility – independent of the utilized hardware.

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