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Scoop: DataCore Recruiting Hammerspace for vFilO

Good pick

The news about DataCore unveiling vFilO was covered everywhere in the press as DataCore is famous in the storage industry being a pioneer of storage virtualization what we finally called, named and aggregated under the new hype term SDS named Block SDS.

But since the new management team, new CEO Dave Zabrowski, new CMO Gerardo Dada, and new CPO Rizwan Pirani, arrived, the company has new ambitions and now one of these is to provide universal storage capability with all three interfaces: block, file and objects.

So classic approach, Build, Partner or Buy, was available for DataCore but the market pressure implies realism. It’s a mission to develop such solution in a pretty short period of time from scratch especially in a company where the culture is block. So forget the Build. Buy could be an option but the amount of transaction and the target company are 2 dimensions not easy to solve even for DataCore. So finally, partnership is the only reasonable option for the company to reach a time to market goal, key in our market.

In that case, the partner is Hammerspace having developed a very comprehensive solution initiated at Primary Data, for some part coming from Tonian as Primary Data acquired the Israeli company in 2013. Tonian was a ISV developing pNFS software. Hammerspace offers a unstructured data management, covering file and object world, without the need to replace existing NAS, file servers and object storage entities. More deal from Hammerspace are coming, it will definitely boost its 2020 outcomes.

A good pick from DataCore.

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