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NetApp Keystone Program With Flexible Solutions for Hybrid Multicloud

For customers whether they choose to build or buy cloud infrastructure

NetApp, Inc. announced Keystone, a program that offers a range of flexible solutions for customers whether they choose to build or buy their cloud infrastructure.

Netapp Keystone

Organizations are digitally transforming to drive competitive advantage. They need to accelerate innovation in today’s real-time world while dealing with the complex reality that data and resources live anywhere and everywhere. In order to address this complexity, today’s IT environments must transform.

While the industry has been focused on addressing these needs from a technology standpoint, the incremental improvements to financial options and to the upgrade process haven’t kept pace until now.

While the advent of hybrid multicloud brings incredible potential, it has also resulted in increasingly complex environments. At the same time, budgets have contracted this year, creating intense demand to optimize and streamline not only how infrastructures are orchestrated and managed, but also the economics around IT buying,” said Ashish Nadkarni, VP, infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies group, IDC. “In introducing flexible consumption models and automation-focused products, NetApp is making it simpler not only to use its own products and services, but for IT leaders to modernize, monitor and manage the entirety of their infrastructure.

In today’s environment, cloud sets the benchmark for customer experience,” said George Kurian, CEO, NetApp. “We’ve built and delivered the data fabric strategy to simplify and modernize our customer’s data centers and enable success in the hybrid cloud era. The solutions we are introducing today are an extension of that philosophy – what data fabric has done to simplify and integrate data infrastructure; our new flexible consumption models do at the business level.

The company’s vision is to simplify the business of data services for customers from every perspective: from how they buy and consume products and services to how they run them in their environments and who services them. As a provider in storage systems and software and an innovator in cloud services, with a business that is growing by almost 200% year over year, the firm offers the range of capabilities that customers need to build and manage their data fabric to solve the financial, operational, and technical barriers to adopting hybrid multicloud environments.

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Netapp Keystone Chart

Keystone is a program that offers a range of flexible solutions for customers, whether they choose to build or buy their cloud infrastructure, on their premises or off. It offers the agility, pay-per-use economics, dynamic scaling, and operational simplicity that customers need to be able to consume cloud on their own terms.

Keystone features:

  • Flexibility to mix and match purchases and subscription payment methods

  • Ability to run any NetApp service in any environment-on premises, cloud, and hybrid

  • Freedom to choose how it’s all managed-by the company, a partner, or internally

  • Simplified ownership experience that makes it easier to buy, operate and grow starting with the firm’s systems, the A400, FAS8300 and FAS8700

Keystone is designed to meet the reality of a hybrid multicloud world where IT teams need to have greater choice, flexibility, and freedom to run and pay for their data services however they want.

NetApp’s data fabric strategy has been a key element in how we help our customers modernize their infrastructures,” said Ken Farber, president, ePlus Software. “With Keystone we can help our customers build their data fabric via a consumption model that simplifies the experience and complexity of navigating hybrid multi-cloud.

Featured portfolio updates
Along with the new program and simplified customer experience, the company announced a number of updates throughout its portfolio, with product launches, enhancements, and integrations.

  • AIO/s. Integrated solution with Active IQ and Cloud Insights offer access to the firm’s growing data lake of IT infrastructure intelligence for real-time, one-click resolution of issues across an entire hybrid multicloud environment.

  • Data security and protection purpose-built for hybrid multicloud. Data services provide security and compliance for key industries, including federal, defense, and critical infrastructure, in addition to enterprise protection and tiering of cloud data, regardless of the choice of cloud.

  • Software and systems meet the demands of new and traditional enterprise applications. Flash storage systems and solutions and the company’s ONTAP updates offer a of performance options, simplicity to power enterprise and modern applications. Additionally, the AFF All SAN array delivers esiliency and record-setting performance in the mid-range.

  • Cloud-agnostic DevOps. Leveraging Kubernetes, the company has created a redesigned model to allow true application portability and answer the economic factors and complexity concerns that have begun to plague modern DevOps. Based on the firm’s own transformation, which connected the dots between three disparate solutions being used internally, the storage company is providing the template for anyone to avoid vendor lock-in, lift and shift entire infrastructures, with the flexibility around anywhere workloads live.

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