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VMworld Europe: Pavilion Achieves VMware Ready Status for Hyperparallel Flash Array

Showcasing Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics customer deployment and NVMe-oF

Pavilion Data Systems, Inc. announced release 2.3 of its Hyperparallel Flash Array with VMware Ready status.

The enterprise storage platform now supports a suite of data management features for consolidation of VM sprawl and native Container Storage Interface (CSI) for simplified migration to PKS, Docker and Kubernetes containers. Release 2.3 includes native VMware support for vCenter, VMware Ready support for NFS along with backward compatibility for block-based iSCSI connectivity. The company is demonstrating integration of the VMware NVMe-Over-RDMA inbox driver support at VMworld Europe in Barcelona, Spain, November 4-7, 2019.

The system is capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of VMs across 72 standard NVMe SSDs with capacities reaching 1PB+ using 16TB NVMe drives.


All of the data management functions, including snapshots, thin provisioning, encryption and RAID-6 volume provisioning are now enabled under VMware vCenter for simplicity of scaling and consolidating enterprise VM sprawl.

One of the customers for Pavilion’s VMware consolidation is the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). It selected Pavilion over several traditional AFAs based on performance and footprint manageability. Ian Schets is product manager of infrastructure at CBS, along with Kasper van Beem, project leader, New data center initiatives at CBS, will be speaking on Wednesday, November 6, about the deployment of Hyperparallel Flash Array.

“CBS has been using Pavilion for several months. Compared to the more traditional alternative in the industry, we are able to shrink our data center footprint 16 times and reduce our costs by more than 70 percent,” said Schets. “Pavilion’s Hyperparallel Flash Array allows us to expand our data sets, increase the number of virtual machines and still deliver extremely high IOPS at latencies from host, across network, through the Pavilion array and onto NVMe SSDs at proven latencies less than 1 millisecond.”

“VMware is a leader in datacenter innovation and is pleased to work with Pavilion, a leader in high-performance storage, to support its Hyperparallel Flash Array for the benefit of customers like CBS,” said Sudhanshu Jain, group product line manager, cloud platform, VMware, Inc.

“High-performance storage requires high-performance networks and we are excited to collaborate with Pavilion on running their NVMe-oF systems over our storage networking solutions,” said Motti Beck senior director, enterprise market development, Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.. “Pavilion supports multiple protocols and different communication standards in the same system and at the same time. This requires fast, agile and flexible networks that enable high scalability, easy deployments and makes Pavilion’s advanced NVMe-oF storage systems, ready for the emerging data intensive workloads.”

“Release 2.3 extends Pavilion’s leadership from webscale and HPC customers directly into the heart of the Fortune 100 where VMware is the predominant operating environment,” said Gurpreet Singh, Pavilion CEO. “By natively supporting VMware NFS, demonstrating the upcoming VMware-native NVMe-oF functionality and enabling all of our data management functions inside vCenter, we enable orders of magnitude more consolidation than the nearest competitor and simplify operations in a familiar way for VMware administrators.”

Release 2.3 has been beta tested, with numerous customers worldwide, is available.

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