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NEXT: Hitachi Vantara Expanded and Enhanced Capabilities for Cloud Services

For cloud migration, application modernization and infrastructure needed for hybrid cloud managed services for private and public cloud resources, deliver an approach to hybrid cloud and multicloud.

At Hitachi NEXT 2019, Hitachi Vantara Corp., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., unveiled expanded and enhanced capabilities for Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services.

Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services

This is the first announcement of the formed cloud services portfolio that includes cloud migration services, application modernization services, operations managed services, consulting services and Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

Together, these cloud services can accelerate the deployment and productive use of hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. The cloud services can speed the implementation of VMware cloud solutions, migrate and modernize apps and data for Azure faster, and provide a set of managed services to optimize the management of public and private cloud resources.

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Hitachi Vantara Cloud Services Scheme

Enterprises are struggling to balance cost and complexity with performance and compliance requirements as they transform their IT operations. Growth in mission-critical applications and demand for data will only accelerate the need for more bandwidth and lower latency,” said Bobby Soni, chief solutions and services officer, Hitachi Vantara. “At Hitachi Vantara, we are creating people-centric services that empower enterprises to innovate and deliver business outcomes. Our newest capabilities can help our customers achieve fully managed, secure hybrid cloud and multicloud environments faster, and can deliver actionable insights for data-driven decision making.

The company’s cloud services enable infrastructure from edge to core to cloud. Since the company acquired REAN Cloud in 2018, the firm has gained capabilities and expertise in cloud migration and application modernization, elevating its cloud offering portfolio and managed services capabilities. These capabilities are integrated within the company’s cloud services portfolio. The enhanced services offer consistent data across edge, on-premises and cloud environments for faster deployment, improved business effectiveness and operational and cost efficiencies.

Hitachi Vantara Flex Consumption

The firm also introduced Hitachi Flex Consumption, a consumption-based model that marks a shift in how customers can consume IT solutions and services. This model is designed for customers to commercially align technology expenses with enterprise usage while helping them meet defined business outcomes. The flexible consumption simplifies the use of resources and provides customers with more choice to pay only for the services they use, when they need them. The new model will support a set of the company’s offerings including remote monitoring and fully managed services.

Updates to firm’s cloud services portfolio include:
Cloud Migration and application Modernization Services: These services enable customers to embrace the cloud based on their business needs to achieve agility, enhance governance and realize cost benefits.

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Hitachi Vantara Cloud Accelerator Platform

Updates to cloud migration and application modernization services include:

  • Cloud-agnostic approach to provide applications and workloads with consistent data services across edge, on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Use of data to adapt existing applications to perform best in public clouds.

  • Cloud Accelerator Platform with enhanced automation to migrate and modernize applications for Azure.

  • Cloud Accelerator Platform, which can be delivered as a managed service using HEC to optimize DevSecOps principles in hybrid cloud environments.

  • Cloud migration and application modernization services for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

Hitachi Vantara Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
HEC adds support for a single pane to manage private and public cloud resources delivered as part of Hitachi managed services. This single cloud management interface delivers transparent visibility, which can reduce risks, costs and time to value.

Enhancements to HEC include:

  • Speeding the deployment and first use of new VMware cloud solutions including VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Enterprise PKS and VMware Cloud on AWS, adding it to the pre-engineered and pre-designed catalog framework of HEC.

  • Single invoice for private cloud resources delivered by HEC and public cloud resources provided by Hitachi Vantara Cloud Operations Services.

  • Real-time data analytics platform that makes the Data Services Hub available as part of HEC for those who need it in hybri,loud environments but have data or insights that must remain in a private cloud.

Hitachi Vantara Cloud Native Environments Products Architecture

Approach to hybrid cloud and multicloud
The company has a portfolio of cloud-agnostic, multicloud services that uses a pre-engineered approach, delivers the service levels on day one and deploys a usable environment with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Key outcomes and benefits of adopting the firm’s cloud services include:

  • Accelerated Cloud Journey: Using the company’s cloud services, customers can experience faster migration to the cloud of their choice, faster modernization to optimize apps for the cloud and faster first use of hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

  • Cloud efficiency: The firm’s cloud services can maximize the cloud’s potential by using a low-code automation platform for modernization that optimizes resource utilization with pre-engineered, pay-as-you-go cloud resources, and by lowering costs using automated IT operations with ready-to-use infrastructure.

  • Cloud effectiveness: The company’s cloud services can provide flexibility and agility for delivering improved business processes, cloud security and compliance discipline and the use of an expanded service catalog with guaranteed service levels.

With the focus of the firm’s cloud services portfolio on accelerating customers’ journey to hybrid cloud and multicloud, enterprises can continue to achieve the outcomes they need to be successful in today’s competitive environment.

At the center of any company’s digital transformation is a data and workload shift that changes how they connect with customers, develop new revenue sources and improve operational efficiencies. These transformations are driving the need for more all-encompassing application modernization strategies, more timely application and data migration initiatives, and more effective adoption and ongoing use of new cloud infrastructure options,” said Rick Villars, VP, datacenter and cloud, IDC. “A solution portfolio like Hitachi Vantara’s that spans across all 3 – modernization, migration and sustained innovation in cloud infrastructure – will be essential for companies that want to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Hitachi is an important member of the VMware Global Partner ecosystem, enabling organizations to accelerate their business growth and digital transformations,” said Rich Figer, VP, global channel sales and synergy, VMware, Inc.With these new Hitachi service offerings with VMware solutions, customers can accelerate the deployment of business-critical and cloud-native solutions across a hybrid cloud environment.

We are excited to work with Hitachi Vantara. Their ability to accelerate our use of cloud has been beneficial to our bottom line,” said Ashvin Bodhale, senior director, Community Brands, provider of cloud-based software to associations, nonprofits, K-12 schools and faith-based groups. “We have lowered both our initial migration and our continued operating costs. Most of all, we are confident they can support our business needs no matter what the complexity of the product or migration.

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud helps us deliver the Data Service Hub provided as a service across both on-premises and public cloud implementations, taking away the barriers of responding to business events when their value is at its highest,” said Dennis Groot, business lead, data driven solutions, KPN, telecommunications company in The Netherlands. “We value the innovation Hitachi continues to bring to the industry.

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud provides a hyperscale, API-enabled private cloud platform and public cloud endpoint that accelerates our build deployments and streamlines ongoing support for the Data Services Hub in a hybrid and multicloud context,” said Kurt Jonckheer, CEO, Klarrio, provider of cloud-based streaming solutions. “We have a true partnership with Hitachi because they care about our business and want us to succeed.

Hitachi Vantara cloud services and Enterprise Cloud enhancements are available.

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