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Seagate Twenty Two Patents

HAMR head having trench on aperture waveguide output end, write pole shield having low saturation magnetization layer, Hyperbolic metamaterial-based near-field transducer for HAMR head, storage drive monitoring, mapping system for data storage devices, leading edge thermal sensor for HAMR head, transducing head suspension with resonance system, in-field laser calibration for HAMR head using temperature compensation equation, Managing shingled magnetic recording, (SMR) zones in hybrid storage, snap tree arbitrary replication, adaptive configuration of thermal asperity guard bands, curved-edge optical mode converter for HAMR, magnetic write transducer with first and second pole sections, laser bias calibration, granularity in overlying magnetic and non-magnetic layers, heat-assisted removal of head contamination, random values from data errors, interlaced magnetic recording in with multiple independent-actuators having respective independent heads, laser mode hop detection in HAMR device using slider sensor and laser modulation, oxidation resistant sensor for heat-assisted magnetic recording, boosted preheat trajectory to obtain desired clearance before writing to disk, hard disk servo control adaptive notch filter using recursive least squares processor

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