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Complete List of Storage Journalists in the World

6 in USA, 4 in France and Germany, total being 16

The number of publications on storage only has drastically diminished since several years.

Only remaining are speicherguide.de, StorageNewsletter.com, StorageReview, and The Register (Blocks and Files).

But below are also journalists working on more global IT publications but with particularly strength in storage.

Note that France (4) and USA (6) is the countries where there are more than anywhere.


GaréBertrand Garé, chief redactor, L’Informaticien



LeblalSerge Leblal, chief redactor, Le Monde Informatique



MalevalJean-Jacques Maleval, editor, StorageNewsletter.com



PelletierFrancis Pelletier, editor, MOS (the monthly Mémoires Optiques et Systèmes magazine on paper has stopped to be published in 2006 but he continues to be for sure the best expert on optical memories and archiving solutions with huge database on the subject)


BardyChristophe Bardy: Nutanix has recruited in January 2019 TechTarget France journalist Christophe Bardy, deputy editor in chief of LeMagIT, as solutions strategist for EMEA.



EhneßJürgen Ehneß, editor in chief, Vogel IT/Storage-Insider



FröhlichKarl Fröhlich, chief redactor, speicherguide.de


We also appreciate Engelbert Hörmannsdorfer, former chief redactor at speicherguide.de, who passed away in 2017.



RudigerAriane Rüdiger, freelance




WiehrHartmut Wiehr, ZAZAmedia, in several publications as freelance




AdsheadAntony Adshead, storage editor, ComputerWeekly.com



Mellor DerChris Mellor, editor, Blocks and Files, and storage editor, The Register




ArmstrongAdam Armstrong, staff writer, StorageReview



Thomas Coughlin, president, Coughlin Associates, not journalist but writing frequently for Forbes



KovarJoseph Kovar, senior editor and reporter for storage and for non-technical channel-focused issues, CRN



PreimesbergerChris Preimesberger, editor-in-chied, eWeek



Prickett MorganTimothy Prickett Morgan, co-editor and co-founder, The Next Platform



RaffoDave Raffo, editorial director, storage media group, TechTarget (formerly news editor at excellent but dead Byte and Switch)