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IBC: Nexsan and Tiger Technology Into Partnership

To deliver workflow platform to enterprise IT, surveillance and M&Et environments

StorCentric’s Nexsan, in unified storage solutions, and Tiger Technology Management, LLC, in storage, workflow and data management, announced a strategic reseller agreement, under which Nexsan will offer Tiger Technology collaborative content creation and media management software for its storage systems.

Available through the Nexsan sales network, the combination of storage and software provides workflow platform for enterprise IT, surveillance,  M&E and SMBs to manage, store, scale and protect their digital assets.

Tiger Technology empowers customers of any size and scale to manage, share, move and store their creative content more effectively and efficiently, in order to better realize their business, operational and creative goals,” said Laura Thommen, VP WW sales and marketing, Tiger. “By partnering with Nexsan, our customers can now enjoy an unmatched end-to-end solution for meeting any content management, movement and storage requirement, today and in the long-term, at an unbeatable ROI.

“Our strategic partnership with Tiger Software allows our customers to simplify data lifecycle management across multiple targets including onsite, remote site, private, public and hybrid clouds,” said Mihir Shah, CEO, StorCentric, parent company of Nexsan. “Moreover, recognizing that today one size cannot meet all IT and business or budgetary requirements, every joint solution will be customized for each end customer’s environment. The StorCentric mission embodies a customer-centric focus through unifying exceptional technologies, and this partnership does that exactly.

The joint solution was showcased at IBC 2019.

About Nexsan storage Solutions:

  • Unity: Supports block and file workloads as well as all-flash configurations for greater performance. The secure archive client is built in integration for tamper-proof storage.
  • E-Series: SAN storage solution that is dense, enabling users to shrink their storage footprint, save on power and spend less time managing and more on improving business.
  • BEAST: A practical, cost-optimized storage workhorse engineered to deliver reliability, availability and density with 720TB in a standard 4U rack, enabling users to stay ahead of high volume application such as backup, archive and digital video surveillance.
  • Assureon: The secure archive solutions protects high-value data and meets any file integrity, security, privacy, and compliance requirement while reducing storage costs.

About Tiger Collaborative Content Creation and Media Management Software:

  • Store: A fast file system engine that, combined with Nexsan storage, provides a powerful HA, cross-platform file-sharing solution for Mac, Linux and Windows clients.
  • Bridge: A HSM tiering and synchronization engine and cloud gateway that protects and extends Windows servers by extending the NTFS file system to disk, tape and cloud, and optimizes data placement for frequent access, nearline and backup/archive.
  • Spaces: A virtual project workspace manager that enables flexible workflows for users and projects. Create, share and manage virtual workspace, assign them to project staff, and deploy them from any client workstation. Also adds Avid-bin-locking capability.
  • Pool: A virtual volume set manager that combines multiple storage islands into a unified volume. Add capacity mid-project, migrate live data, and decommission aging storage by moving files between pool members without disrupting operations.