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VMworld: Zadara Adds NVMe to Managed Enterprise STaaS

Unified, scalable, secure hybrid cloud storage service that gives enterprises ability to store information where generated and make it available where needed

In a move that extends its position in hybrid cloud storage, Zadara Storage Inc. added enhancements to its managed enterprise STaaS (storage-as-a-service) platform – including NVMe.

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Zadara Nvme As A Service

With these new features, the company is removing barriers to the adoption of new technologies – and delivering economic benefits.

Offering fast data access, reduced power consumption and lower latency, NVMe addresses the limitations of – and bottlenecks created by – legacy storage interfaces. While the industry has embraced all things NVMe, its benefits remain out of reach for many enterprises due to high device cost and interoperability issues. The company’s enterprise STaaS solution moves NVMe from a CapEx expenditure to a flexible consumption OpEx item – and opens the door to larger scale adoption.

Additionally, the firm’s platform includes optimized object on-premises storage-as-a-service for next-gen applications such as big data analytics, AI and ML, video-on-demand.

Our customers demand real solutions that not only provide technical performance but also drive measureable business value,” noted Nelson Nahum, co-founder and CEO. “By offering the industry’s only complete hybrid cloud storage service, we are giving IT departments the ability to streamline operations and reduce capital expense, without sacrificing control, availability or performance. Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and we believe that businesses should be able to focus on using their data – and not worry about storing it.

Enhanced platform includes:

  • NVMe-as-a-service at prices below current flash offerings.

  • New, more compact option for storage nodes in ROBO and edge use cases.

  • Remote clone functionality for improved data mobility between arrays, across geographies, into clouds, between clouds, and more.

  • Object Store enhancements for improved economic efficiency.

  • Built-in virus protection with embedded McAfee AV engine for on-file-access virus scans.

Offer enterprise storage as a complete service, the company’s full-service, real-time, proactive approach keeps the customer experience top of mind – while expertly shouldering the complete enterprise storage burden: operational, technical and financial. The firm’s solutions come with 24/7/365 live support, proactive system management, periodic non-disruptive hardware upgrades included, and a 100%-uptime guarantee.

According to Oded Kellner, VP, product management: “As companies look to implement hybrid cloud storage strategies, they need storage that can be as agile as the rest of their IT operation. By adding new features to our universal storage platform, we’re removing complexities and making it easy for users to quickly benefit from all of the advantages of NVMe capacity – without any hidden costs, support plans or complicated deals.

The company’s enhanced storage service is available.