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AmLaw 200 Firm Miles & Stockbridge Chooses ClearSky

Replacing NAS and backing up to tape

ClearSky Data, Inc., provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and DR as a service, announced that Miles & Stockbridge P.C., an Am Law 200 firm with 500 employees in six East Coast locations, is saving more than 40% on storage costs with ClearSky.

Miles & Stockbridge

In addition, it was able to get twice the capacity of its legacy NAS at a fraction of the cost.

The amount of data Miles & Stockbridge has to manage is growing, and a single new case can bring in multiple terabytes of data that needs to be stored and protected in a manner that would satisfy the requirements for its ISO certification. Before ClearSky, the firm was using a NAS solution and backing up to tape, which could be time consuming and costly.

Kenneth Adams, CIO, Miles & Stockbridge, was initially interested in ClearSky’s ability to provide primary storage, backup and DR as a single service.

When we met ClearSky, we realized that maybe we wouldn’t need to backup anymore,” said he said. “With ClearSky, data is stored in multiple locations – more than we had with our previous backup solution – and recovery is much faster.

Once its data was in the ClearSky service, the firm was able to decommission 90TB of storage that it had provisioned for data protection. In addition, IT staff no longer had to babysit the data protection process, because it takes place automatically without affecting production performance.

The firm is also enjoying benefits on the storage side. It had already been taking advantage of the cloud for storage, but with ClearSky’s edge-based service, the company was able to improve performance. With ClearSky, hot data is cached on-prem, and both hot and warm data are cached at the edge, where it’s accessible at sub-millisecond latency.

We get primary storage at an offsite location with built-in backup and DR, so we no longer require a separate process to copy replicate, store and recover data,” Adams said. “And because it’s a fully-managed hybrid cloud service, we don’t have to own or maintain hardware to store that data. Finally it’s elastic, so we can use whatever capacity we need and pay only for what we use.

The legal industry has very specific storage and data security needs, which traditional systems can’t meet affordably or efficiently,” said Ellen Rubin, CEO, ClearSky Data. “With ClearSky, legal services firms can cut their total cost of storage, improve storage performance and get RPOs and RTOs measured in minutes without having to spend endless amounts of time managing their storage environments. Innovative firms like Miles & Stockbridge have recognized this opportunity and are leading the way and transforming how other firms can now approach storage.