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LucidLink Partners With Cloudian

To deliver file access for distributed workloads making applications cloud-ready

LucidLink Corp., in cloud-native file services, formed a partnership with Cloudian, Inc., provider of object storage systems.

This partnership will provide enterprise customers with an integrated solution that delivers limitlessly scalable storage and rapid, secure access to large files and data sets regardless of location.

Built specifically for object storage, LucidLink Filespaces enables performance file access over distance, improving organizational workload efficiency and maximizing productivity.

Partnering with Cloudian to deliver high-performance file services with remote access allows customers to consolidate their file workloads on a proven Cloudian HyperStore object storage platform for better TCO,” said Peter Thompson, co-founder and CEO, LucidLink.

For file services use cases where high performance is the top priority, LucidLink and Cloudian enable customers to achieve their performance objectives while leveraging the massive scalability and cloud economics of object storage,” said Sanjay Jagad, senior director of products and solutions, Cloudian.

File Access with Cloudian HyperStore
Filespaces enhances Cloudian’s support for file-based production workloads by providing performing file services and remote access. Both users and applications can connect to the same namespace and use it as a local, shared volume.

The integrated solution improves file access performance through use of metadata and streaming file data on-demand. In addition, it provides fast remote access to large files at distributed locations.

Enables Cloud-Ready Applications
Customers can use a LucidLink mount point to make any file application immediately cloudready, allowing the application to utilize object storage regardless of whether that application has a custom S3 connector.

Active Archive
Data stored in HyperStore platform is instantly available to any device that has a LucidLink client installed. Customers can move their data into a capacity storage tier to lower the TCO while maintaining quick access to random files.

Cloud File Service for Team Collaboration
Customers can create shared file repositories for team collaboration or present data volumes in application servers, further extending the TCO benefits of the HyperStore platform. In addition, they can replace all but the most demanding HPC workloads in their existing NAS environment with the solution  from both companies.